The tickets for the final evening have been sold to selected patrons only, I have no idea what the criteria was but they are twice the price and people are being encouraged to come dressed in the correct historical period. I also know that the doors are opening two hours early to allow maximum takings at the bar prior to the show.

When I walk into the bar area in jeans and a t-shirt nobody notices me and I am not surprised, as tipsy toga wearing wenches and roman commanders litter the place. I scan the crowd and realize most have just flung a sheet around their shoulders and fastened it with a large pin, I wonder what they are wearing under the outfits? I imagine many are naked and my hole moistens at the thought of all those cocks and pussies. By the time people are seated inhibitions will be long gone and this thought makes me nervous but excited; this could get totally out of control.

I stand back stage and watch the drunken roman mob take their seats and soon they are cheering as the first nude scene unfolds. The mass strip and body search scene normally requires no audience participation but tonight, "Yes strip you fucking whores" booms out of the darkness and then mass laughter. They are all up for a good time tonight. One woman stands up and lowers the front of her toga, jiggling her breasts at the stage she cackles,

"We've all got them, don't be shy."

The merry audience laugh and then laugh harder as a guy bares his hairy chest and calls,

"I haven't."

I am fully aware I will be walking down into this bawdy crowd and my heart is pounding harder and harder as the moment approaches. Mistress asks my kneeling slave husband,

"Do you enjoy your wife being a whore?"

"Yes Mistress."

The audience erupt into cheers. I look at his crotch and I am sure it is actually twitching.

"That is good then slave" She pauses "as she will be getting fucked tonight."

The audience lift the roof and I am wondering how Mary is actually going to control this crowd but then Master Mike steps forward. He takes my nipple chain and tugs my teats; my glistening nude body follows his large frame down the steps like a slut lamb to the slaughter. Mistress May and her riding crop follow behind making me feel a little calmer even if hands are already stroking me. We are barely six foot from the bottom step when fingers find my snatch,

"Finger the whore."

Someone hollers and then there is laughter but you can feel the sexual tension rising. Some couples are kissing open mouthed and not even looking in my direction. Everywhere I look there seems to be someone I know and as I fondle the cock that has just been placed in my hand I realize the owner is my green grocer. He smiles at me and fondles my tit as I wank his short fat dick but Mike keeps me moving. The next woman I pass is now topless herself; togas everywhere appear to be wide open. I have never seen so many erect cocks and begin to stroke them all as I pass, my cunt is a raging fire. Several guys lean forward taking the opportunity to suck on my passing tits and bare cock heads rub my flesh a plenty. I feel one shoot its load across my buttocks, then another down my thigh. A woman's spunk covered fingers reach my lips,

"Eat whore."

Is all she needs to say and my tongue snakes out, devouring the white life essence in front of all present.


"So fucking slutty."

"So fucking horny."

The atmosphere is that of a roman orgy but we are hundreds of years from the Roman empire. The guy in front of me is openly wanking his cock, a females hand replaces his and offers it to me. I can't resist, my watering mouth has to have it and I dip allowing my lips to caress it. Mistress Mary protects my vulnerable rear as I suck him in, he kisses the woman masturbating his cock into my mouth. I am just a hot succulent orifice, a receptacle for his cum as I feel it pulse and shoot. The first jet hits my throat and then with a plop it leaves my lips as she aims it squarely into my face and several jets anoint my features.

Now I walk like a cum drenched whore, tit sucking, finger fucking and tongue kissing all in the ticket price and we haven't even reached the end row. There is a roman commander two rows in clearly fucking his toga wearing wife on the back of the seat, her gown covers her groin but her large bouncing tits are on full display as his cock disappears and reappears. That wife works in the post office and my bank manager is red in the face due to wanking his cock so hard. I realize in that moment that what happens in the theater stays in the theater as everyone has secrets to hide. Perhaps ticket buyers had to sign a privacy agreement? Who cares right now, in this moment?

I don't have time to dwell on this because a man has fallen to my feet and is eating me out, others are clapping him and my orgasm, the one that was building as soon as I stepped onto the stage explodes into his greedy mouth. Master Mike tugs my chain, extending my nipples and I side step my admirers eager tongue and erect penis. Every man along the back row has their genitals sticking out of their toga or exposed. I start down the line, facing towards the stage and the very first cock enters me; in seconds I feel it swell and shoot. The next guy wastes no time taking his opportunity and again my cunt has a cock thrust into it as his hands grip my tits. These are the men from the show, using me publicly, my cries of passion put the audience in no doubt I am being fucked. This is no longer a theater and a play, it is an orchestrated orgy.

The man in front stands on his seat and feeds me his cock, a woman, perhaps the wife joins me sucking it and then we kiss, leaving his appendage to bob unattended. The man fucking me becomes more urgent and then he grunts and fills me. I move down the line and another Roman takes the whore wench as a female spits into my open mouth,

"You really are a dirty fucking cunt."

I am shocked at her language and then shocked again as I realize she only lives a few doors away. She is a neighbor! As I am grasping this she smears a warm gooey chocolate bar across my tits wiping her hands on me.

"Dirty fucking whore."

The guy behind me shoves his thumb into my sphincter and we both explode into climax, his pulsing prick shooting gallons into my married cunt, I can feel it over flowing, running down to my ankles; I reek of cum.

The next guy on the back row takes his turn, a short fat cock enters me and there is no pretense or trying to hide our copulating, he is pulling my hair, smacking my arse, telling me to take it like a good bitch. My mouth gapes open as I shudder and shake, urging the guy on,

"Yes fuck me, fuck me like a whore."

Every so on I get a glimpse of hubby on stage, he has most likely cum in him cage and the whole scene in front of me drives another explosive orgasm shortly before my convulsing cunt urges him to fire more spunk into my hole dripping hole.

At this point I think I will just be passed around the theater, a fuck toy but no, on Master Mikes insistence I am hoisted into the air, tits hanging down, legs wide open as they begin to crowd surf me up the room. Of course it adds to the whole debauched spectacle of the evening, a naked woman smeared and sweaty, cum dripping from her red puffy hole being passed over head. Several guys suckle my teats, one feasts between my thighs and others tongue my mouth, if this was Rome take me there! The town has gone crazy!

By the time I reach the stage I wonder where can this go next, it goes to our rehearsal games, I am surrounded by Roman guards. There are no screens, no hiding places, the lights do not darken. Hubby is sucking a cock while Mistress fucks his butt with a painful looking strap-on but his face is one of ecstasy. I am the center of a gang-bang and someone is sliding a large cock into my butt hole, a overhead screen is showing this on live feedback. My sphincter is now two foot wide and has Dolby sound. I am sure the entire audience is involved in some form of sexual act.


I look to my left to see who is talking to me and there stands my bank manager, who feeds his cock straight into my waiting mouth. I know the show will over run.