Kyle wasn't sure when he finally drifted off to sleep. At some point during the night, his nightmares subsided enough for him to catch a few hours rest. His mind felt raw. He could not get the horrid images of Heather's death out of his head. And further still the pure joy Chrissy expressed while murdering her, simply because Heather had, at least in Chrissy's mind, disrespected her.

Kyle wasn't going to try and pretend things were perfect between he and Heather, no relationship was, but she was his true love. This would stick with Kyle for the rest of his life. Furthermore, Kyle was still captive to this demon. What would happen to him?

Kyle assumed it was morning but honestly how could he know? He remained restrained to the bed. His eyes still covered. And his ears still plugged. There was no way of him knowing. And it felt like he was still gagged. One thing Kyle did know was that he had not relieved himself in hours. The bed, which Chrissy claimed anticipated her needs, seemed to work the same way for Kyle.

As Kyle's thoughts drifted to his full bladder, the bed, very clinically, inserted a catheter into his cock. Kyle normally would resist. But this was anything but a normal situation. Logic took over Kyle's mind. Who knew when he would be let go? Better take advantage of the opportunity. Kyle emptied his bladder and then felt the catheter withdraw. Kyle could only assume the bed had further abilities once his bowels needed emptying.

Given the trauma he had recently been through, Kyle was somewhat thankful for the relevant peace and quiet. But a nagging thought kept growing: what next? All he could do was lay there. And it was starting to get boring. He had no phone to browse, no TV to watch. Nothing to do. He expected any moment for Chrissy to begin her next sadistic game with him. But nothing happened. Silence. Peace.

The hours passed...Kyle initially tried to keep as low a profile as possible. He didn't want to risk Chrissy's wrath. But he could only take so much of this isolation. He would try to call out, but still being gagged, it was no use. The bed had him bound securely so that there was no shifting positions to try and get more comfortable. Not that the bed itself was UNcomfortable, but laying in one position for hours on end was taking its toll.

The only thing Kyle could do was lay and think. He tried sleeping but the bed was always busy taking care of his basic needs. Kyle of course couldn't see, but he felt what he imagined was an IV at one point, administering fluids, vitamins, and minerals. He was given an enema, washed, and cleaned. His muscles were subjected to various massages. Whenever Kyle was almost asleep it seemed the bed had a reason to disturb him. Kyle began to suspect he might be here for a very long time.

As more hours passed, Kyle's earplugs started playing music. But it was far from relaxing. Hard, intense, death metal music. It was nothing Kyle had ever chosen to listen to before. And he did not like it at all. It gave him sense of dread. But he was continually subjected to it. So now not only was he immobilized and isolated, he was now subjected to this audio invasion of his senses. Any hope of sleep was gone.

The hours continued to pass...if Kyle had to guess he would estimate at least half the day had gone by. Suddenly, the music stopped and Kyle heard Chrissy's voice. But not through his ears. Somehow it was in his head. So starved for interaction with another person was Kyle, that he found himself relieved to hear her voice. The voice of the woman who had not only killed his true love, but was subjecting Kyle to isolation and sensory torture.

"Kyle." Chrissy's voice purred, "Kyle. I hope you're enjoying your stay. I've gone to great lengths to ensure you are comfortable." Chrissy giggled, the sarcasm rolling like waves through Kyle's head.

Kyle could not respond, at least not verbally. He had no idea how he was hearing Chrissy's voice. He tried speaking back to her mentally. But she did not seem to hear him. If she did, she paid him no attention.

Chrissy continued, "I'm sure by now you've figured out that your basic needs will be taken care of. I can't have you dying on me. We have so much more to do together. I know it is hard for you to imagine at this point, but you will come to love me. Depend on me. I will be your entire world. Your sole reason for living."

Kyle's anger and hatred came back to full flame. This demon had the audacity to assume these things? After what she had taken from him? She must be insane.

Chrissy cackled, "Your thoughts are clear to me Kyle. Resist all you like. I have all the time in the world to break you. I am eager to see how quickly your mind breaks. Isolation and deprivation work wonders. We shall speak again..."

Chrissy's voice faded. As soon as it had gone, the music came back. Kyle tried to block it out but there was no way...

The hours turned into days. For two days straight Kyle was subjected to this isolation and sensory deprivation. For two days he went sleepless. For two days all he heard was death metal. He could not continue on like this. But there was no alternative. He could do nothing but lay there and be subjected to whatever Chrissy chose for him.

Several more days passed. Chrissy had come into Kyle's mind several times, giving him brief breaks. With each time he heard her voice, he yearned for her presence. As insane as it was, she was the only "human" interaction he received. And of course this was Chrissy's plan. Subject Kyle to long periods of isolation. And it was working. Kyle didn't know it but Chrissy could hear all of his thoughts. She knew his will was broken, and finally decided to act.

Kyle felt sensations he had not known for weeks. His ears were uncovered, his eyes uncovered, his body freed from his restraints. So foreign were these sensations to him, so overwhelming, he could do nothing but lay there and try to take it all in. Kyle tried opening his eyes but after weeks of darkness he was incredibly sensitive to the light. He had a difficult time moving his body. His muscles had atrophied severely.

"I give you a choice, Kyle."

Chrissy's voice was not in his head. He was hearing it in the room itself. She was in the room with him! He was terrified and overjoyed all at the same time.

Chrissy continued speaking, "You are free to walk out of here. But we both know you need me, don't we? I am your sustenance, your entire world. How can you even imagine your life without me providing for you?"

Kyle was finally able to open his eyes and he saw Chrissy for the first time in weeks. It was nearly a religious experience for him. This demon commanded so much of his conscious and unconscious thought. She was all he knew for the past few weeks. Coming to him in his times of need and loneliness. Giving him brief respites from his isolation. And now laying eyes on her again he was completely smitten by her beauty. She towered over him. Now nearly 6 and a half feet tall. Her hair longer, darker. Her eyes deeper, blacker, still with that yellow glow. Her thick, voluptuous frame, completely naked and bared before him. Her enormous, sagging, swaying breasts. Her thick and soft thighs. Her massive, round, jiggling ass. All these sights greeted him. And not only these, but her wings, horns, and that wicked tail. This demon woman could not be ignored.

Kyle glanced towards the door, then back at Chrissy. Chrissy could see the battle being waged in Kyle's mind. Dare he venture back out into the world? Or stay with her? It was never in doubt...

Kyle's voice wavered, "Chrissy..." and he stepped towards her.

Chrissy was on him in an instant. She shoved him back onto the bed, so forcefully that he flew nearly across it. He landed on his back, with his head hanging off the other edge. Chrissy walked around and stood behind his head. Kyle looked up as Chrissy lowered her drooping and swaying boobs to his head. She dialed them well up beyond their normal H cup. They swelled and quickly enveloped his head. Chrissy swayed them from side to side, slowly suffocating Kyle. Kyle felt Chrissy suck on his chest, run her hands along his side.

Chrissy extended her tail, morphing it into its familiar mouth shape. She used it to slowly take Kyle's cock inside it. "MMMM don't fret, Kyle, this is just an appetizer. The best is yet to come."

Chrissy continued to tease Kyle's cock with her slippery and tight tail. Kyle struggled for air with his head between Chrissy's giant juggs. "Just relax, Kyle, while Chrissy cooks up that cock in her tail." The tail bottomed out on Kyle's cock, sucking and slurping on it. Kyle could feel his balls starting to throb.

Chrissy crawled forward, letting Kyle's cock free, and dragging her giant breasts across his chest. Kyle gasped for air. As he did so Chrissy spun and straddled his cock. She drew her tail over to her side, so that Kyle could clearly see it.

"I believe I promised you a good fucking. And that is what you shall have...bitch." Kyle watched as the tail morphed into an impossibly large cock-shaped dildo. He started to plead and try to escape.

"Oh no you don''re MINE." Chrissy lowered pussy onto Kyle's cock. The heat, wetness, tightness, were incomparable. If Kyle thought Chrissy's tail, her throat, even her breasts felt amazing, they paled in comparison to her pussy. Chrissy leaned forward and further dialed up her breasts. So large were they now that they surrounded not only Kyle's head, but his entire torso. They were effectively holding his upper body in place.

Kyle felt what he was dreading. Chrissy's tail had begun pushing at his ass. It was impossibly slick. He tried clenching his ass together but there was no denying Chrissy. She inched it forward and Kyle screamed as he felt her penetrate him.

"Oh Kyle...your tight virgin ass feels amazing on my tail...Now let's find that prostate of yours. Oh THERE it I'm going to pump you dry."

Chrissy expanded her tail and Kyle felt tremendous pressure applied to his prostate. At the same time Chrissy began grinding her pussy on Kyle's cock. The combination was the best thing Kyle had ever felt. And the effect was nearly instantaneous. Kyle had not cum for weeks. And this new internal stimulation meant it was game over. Kyle's cock began to spurt rope after rope of cum deep into Chrissy's pussy.

"That is it my boy...fill me with your hot spunk." Chrissy reached down and heaved her heavy breasts up and pressed them tightly around Kyle. "Surrender to me as I milk you dry!" Chrissy angled her tail up so that the tip pressed directly onto Kyle's throbbing and enlarged prostate. She drug it across, back and forth, squeezing more and more out of Kyle. Her pussy clamped itself down onto Kyle's cock and throbbed around it as it greedily gulped down shot after shot of Kyle's cum. "Aren't you glad you chose to stick around, Kyle? Tell me, who could swallow you up in her breasts? Who could expertly milk your cock? Who could fuck and stuff your ass as good as me? No one...that's why you are mine. Now and FOREVER!"

Kyle lost count of how many ropes he shot inside Chrissy. As they finally subsided, he felt Chrissy withdraw from his ass. Her pussy still clamped on his cock, and her impossibly huge boobs hugging his entire body. As he passed into unconsciousness, he wondered if this was the end, or the end of the beginning?