Leaving the corporate lawyer's office, Angie and I went next door to the personnel office, where she eagerly signed the same expanded "Nudity Clause" I had signed earlier. It legally allowed us both to be naked, anywhere in the building. She was grinning from ear to ear as we headed to our 2:00 nude yoga class. While we were waiting for the elevator to come, two guys coming from a doctor's office visit, were noticeably confused seeing a naked man with Angie. They couldn't have picked a better elevator to get on, because even before the doors closed, Angie was disrobing.

"I want to be naked before we get to the 1st floor," she announced...to the delight of the two guys! "I'm ready to start my new job with a bang!"

I chuckled when I realized she wasn't wearing any underwear or socks. She must have planned for a quick strip all along. She was still one shoe short of being completely naked by the time the elevator doors reopened on the lobby floor. No one seemed to mind waiting to move out or in while they watched Angie, leaning against the elevator handrail, with her foot up by her waist, yanking off her last shoe with her crotch on full display!

"Success," she declared, as she put her foot down! I believe the two guys and the three people waiting to get in were ready to clap as Angie proudly exited the elevator, carrying her clothes. I also had to laugh with the sudden realization how much easier my nudity was going to be from now on. With Angie naked on the elevator, NOBODY even noticed me!

"We've only got a couple of minutes before class," she whispered. "I hope Ashley has already started with the preliminary stuff."

Ashley was, in fact, giving the welcome aboard speech to a dozen or so people as we came thru the door. When Ashley saw Angie carrying her clothes, she paused with a quizzical look on her face.

"I'm legal," Angie declared. "Now you have two of us full time nudist on staff!"

"Well, that's quite an entrance," Ashley mused...and with that, she finished her speech and turned the class over to Angie. As she exited, she motioned for me to follow her out.

"I understand from Mr. Garrett that you have agreed to try the anal egg again," she stated flatly. "I'm disappointed you took it upon yourself to take it out without Joey's or my permission. I understand it had something to do with the constant hard-on you were experiencing, and a woman in the swimming class who was offended by it. That saved you from as bad a punishment tonight as you might have received, but you WILL learn to wear it! Let Angie teach this class and you go get the egg you took out, and then go up and let the doctor see what can be done to make it more comfortable. Then come back for the remainder of this class and the 3:00 class. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," was all I could say. I then returned to the locker that I had placed it in earlier and went back thru the gym and lobby, carrying my washcloth draped toy.

Leaving the elevator and walking toward the doctor's office, Mike happened to be leaving his office and walking toward the doctor's office, as well. "If it's alright with you, I thought I might assist the good doctor with seeing if we can make you more comfortable with your device."

"That's fine," I said grimly. There was probably not much I could do or say at this point to avoid having a butt plug in my ass. I had my strong suspicion, but I was wondering exactly how this was going to play out with Mike. He never said anything threatening, but I was pretty sure that if I didn't go along with the idea, my employment might suffer. I loved my set up being naked all the time and being paid for it... there just wasn't a 'Plan B' in my work options right now.

I was going to knock, but Mike went right into the doctor's office. "Hi, doc," Mike offered. "I told you we'd be right over."

"That's fine," she countered. "What seems to be the problem? Our new employee unhappy with his arrangements?"

"No, nothing like that," Mike replied for me. "He just wants to see if there can be a better fit and not so much prostate engagement. He's apparently scaring all the old women in the pool and we can't have that!"

"Well, I did get in a different style of plug if you wanted him to try just a standard butt plug," the doctor offered. "The handle is exposed, so he'd have to be more discrete with how he exposes his anus during class. It is flesh tone, but if he spreads his cheeks, someone might see it."

"All we can do is try it," Mike responded. "Give it here and let's see how it fits. Assume the position, sport, grab your ankles while I get this thing lubed up. It's probably better it you don't look at it, so you won't try and tense up so badly."

"You're the boss," I said, as I spread my legs apart, bent over, and grabbed my ankles. Unfortunately, from this position, I could see what Mike had in store for me. It didn't seem quite as big in diameter, but it was several inches longer and with a curved 'T' handle. Basically a curved dildo with a handle.

"Here we go, sport. Just relax your muscles back here and it will go fine," Mike said in as soothing a tone as he could muster. With a steady pressure, the cold, gelled 'T' handled butt plug was slowly parted my puckered rosebud and into my rectum. As it reached the handle, the plug slimmed down, so my ass basically closed around it and the 'T' handle kept it from disappearing completely.

"Stand up, and see how that feels. Better?" Mike asked, as he softly stroked my butt cheek. "Walk about some and let it get settled in."

As I straightened up, my insides were aware of a fullness, but not to the extent that the other one had felt.

"The internal one you were fitted with this morning was a bigger diameter because that was what keeps it from going inside you any deeper. This one can be a smaller diameter, because the 'T' keeps it from going all the way in, but it's longer for the batteries and stuff to fit."

As I took a few tentative steps around the office, it did feel better. "It feels somewhat better, but I don't like the exposed handle announcing I have a butt plug. Can we try a smaller egg and maybe I can work up to the bigger one later?"

The doctor frowned, but Mike said, "I think that's acceptable. You want me to change them out and you try the smaller one now?"

"Yes, please. I want to work up to this for you."

"That's all I can ask," was his reply. "Doc, do you have one smaller than the egg he's having trouble with but larger than the first one he tried earlier today?"

So, while she went to another drawer, Mike busied himself with withdrawing the butt plug. "I'm going to work this one in and out a few times to relax your sphincter."

"Be my guest," I joked, and reassumed my ankle grabbing position. Whether his excuse was true, or not, I figured I'd let him butt fuck me a little. I figured I would need to get used to it at some point. "What you're doing now feels pretty good."

My last statement caused Mike to smile slightly. He slowly and steadily stroked the butt plug in and out several times, causing my manhood to respond accordingly. Mike noticed my excitement from his efforts. "Do you want me to continue, or are you ready to try the other vibrator?"

I was turned on by this a lot more than I expected. "Please continue," I whispered. "Would it be inappropriate if I stroked myself while you kept doing what you're doing?"

"Doctor, if you will excuse yourself, I think we will be trying out that other egg in a few minutes," Mike directed.

As the doctor closed the door to the exam room, Mike whispered to me, "actually, I would like to do the honors. I've been wanting to get my hands on your cock from the moment I saw you in the snack bar."

As I adjusted my position from holding my ankles to grabbing the exam table, "would you rather do that, or replace that butt plug with something else," I offered?

"You really are a boy toy, aren't you," Mike stated matter of factly. "I thought it might take more time to get to this point, but if you don't mind, that would be wonderful."

As he released his grip on my butt plug, he stepped back and began removing his suit slacks. As he stepped out of his pants, his silk boxers sported quite a hard on. "Care to help me get my boxers off," he queried?

I straightened up and replied, "I'd love to."

As I dropped to my knees and pulled his boxers to the floor, his beautiful, cut, 7-inch hairless cock sprang to full attention. I noticed he had a cock ring that was probably helping his erection. The head of his dick was purple and full. As I grasped it and licked it, I enjoyed the smooth, hairless look. His musky smell was intoxicating. I liked to think my package was equally as nice.

My kneeling caused the butt plug to suck back inside from its partially inserted state, causing my cock to jump at the sensation. He stepped out of his boxers and laid them on the table. While I had never given a guy a blow job, I know what a good one feels like. Instinctively, I put my mouth to work, grabbing his shaft with one hand and fondling his smooth ball sack with the other, I sucked and licked his veined member the full length. Soon, he had the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. After multiple strokes, he paused, and said, "What a wonderful start, but I want to put my dick somewhere else. Turn around and grab that table!"

As a got up off my knees and turned to grab the table, I bent at the waist, ready for his advance. Mike grabbed the handle of the butt plug and stroked it in and out a few more times before removing it and replacing it with his own shaft. I wasn't sure what to expect. The engorged head of his cock entering me wasn't too bad, and once that passed my sphincter, his cock slid easily all the way into my ass, the butt plug and the gel having done its job of opening me up to easily take his cock. His actions were very tender. As he started to get into his rhythm, he reached around to grab my rock-hard shaft and basically stroked me in time with his own thrusts.

We stayed tucked and in rhythm for several minutes, until Mike slowed his thrusts, obviously approaching his orgasm. As he grunted and held his final downstroke, I felt him pump several of his load into my newly used love hole. As he orgasmed, he moved his cock in a slight circular motion in my ass, which heightened my own progress to a release. I grabbed his hand that was on my well used, swollen shaft and restarted his motion on it, finishing with my own explosion soon afterwards. I had never had sex with a man before, but it was something I could get used to. It was my attempt to suck up to the boss, so to speak...and in more ways than one.

"Thanks for that," Mike said softly. "Are you ready to try that other vibrator?"

"Sure, my definite pleasure," I said. "I hope you didn't stretch me out too much. The new one might not fit any more!"

"Eventually, it might not," Mike countered. "I appreciate you trying something new. I'll try and make it worth your while."

"Thank you, Mike," I answered. I didn't really know what that would mean down the road, but I knew I was in for a lifestyle change on the sexual front.

After Mike got cleaned up and redressed, He leaned over and with his finger, caught some of my cum leaking off of my softening cock and put it in his mouth. "I'll return the favor soon." Before I wiped my semen off the exam table or floor, he called the doctor back in. She paused long enough to see the mess I had made and my glistening, softening erection, smiled slightly, and shook her head. She then returned to the drawers, removed something, and handed him an egg that looked larger than the first one she had me insert that morning, but smaller than the one I had removed, and left the room again.

"Ready," Mike asked?

"Let's do it. I've got a class to teach." I stated flatly.

As I bent back over to present Mike my rosebud again, I could feel Mike's spunk oozing out of my ass and down my inner thigh. I guess I needed to detour thru the showers before I returned to yoga class. I assumed Joey and Ashley were aware of Mike's ultimate interest in me, but there was no sense being so obviously fucked in the ass to everyone else.

I was brought back to the present moment as I felt Mike press the rounded object against my hole and slowly stretch its opening until I felt it quickly close around it. Moments later, I felt its tapered handle hide itself just inside my poor stretched hole.

"In it goes," Mike declared. "You're a little messy back there, but I guess I helped lube you up to go in so easily. How's that feel now you've been stretched out some?"

As I stood back up, I could tell that it was going to work better than the larger one...at least for the time being. I walked around the room briefly and declared success, the cum running down my leg notwithstanding. There was a sense of fullness, but it didn't press on my prostate nearly as much, so my raging erections would hopefully stay under control.

It was already 2:30, so I knew I needed to hurry up if I was going to be back for the rest of the 2:00 class. "It feels a lot better. I don't know if it is just a better size, or if you riming me out made a difference. Either way, I appreciate you working thru this with me. Confession time, though. I've never been with another guy or done anything anal before, so this is all new."

"Really," Mike asked? "Your comfort level with your body and the way you responded, I would have never known. Thank you, then, for giving yourself to me. You are beautiful! I've never seen such a smooth, tanned, toned body like yours. Getting to know you better will be a great joy. That was a special privilege you just shared with me. Now, off to yoga class. Bring us in some more business!"

Mike helped wet some paper towels and helped me clean up some. A quick wipe to clean the drips down my leg and the cum dripping out of my cock and I was out the door and, on my way, back to class. I took the steps, rather than wait for the elevator. I figured the jostling from running down the steps might help me get rid of more of Mike's cum that was still up my ass. I quickly detoured into the guys locker room, grabbed a towel and took a quick shower, focusing on trying to force some water up my ass to douche out as much of Mike as I could, so I didn't leak during class. Drying off, I headed straight to yoga class, just as they were finishing up.

"Where have you been," Angie asked? "I was getting worried something was wrong. Are you okay? Ashley is already here to get ready for welcoming the next class."

"I'm fine. We can talk after the 3:00 class, if that's alright."

"Sure," Angie replied. "I think I'll walk out into the gym, just to exercise my "Nudity Clause", she said with a wink.