Dusty looked around the empty room. The room was a standard look for the usual 2080's office. He didn't know the exact details but at some point Steelix (named based on a game popular in the early 2000s called Pokémon) was the alloy used by everyone. With its signature greyish silver hue, the room looked incredibly lonely except for some furniture.

A glass top table was surrounded by Steelix chairs with bright blue cushions at one end of the room where Dusty sat. At the other was a baby blue couch that was surprisingly soft considering that it was made of recycled plastic materials. It was THE couch.

Dusty stared at the couch relishing the memories associated with it. The long work hours where his lover, Colt, would be on the couch doing research for his virtual musical while Dusty would finish up his paperwork. Using the XGlasses, Colt would peruse through information, swiping at things only he could see in his field of vision. He missed how his lover would crack up at an idea and he'd ask Colt what it was about. Then Colt would begin to explain in all his glorious modern-theater-nerd fashion how he would incorporate virtual reality into the story, usually something to do with audience interaction.

Dusty wished he could come up to his lover after a day's long work and sit next to him on the couch. Colt would shut off his XGlasses with a hand motion and Dusty would do the same with his XContacts. They'd stare into each other's eyes before the inevitable passionate kiss. Dusty would usually get pinned down when this happened as Colt preferred to top. Some days, Colt would experiment as a bottom since Dusty was someone who liked to switch. One of the two would suddenly say the "shut door" voice command having forgotten to do so in haste for making out. The door would hum as it closed in a room where love was being made.

Whatever the case, this usually once-a-week office love making was the cherry on top in a five year long passionate relationship. That day, Dusty wanted more of that youthful spice, but to no avail for the past month or so.

Colt had been travelling Greece to research about Greek mythology in a long excursion to research for his new musical. Dusty loved his passion for his job, but wished he could meet his boyfriend at this moment. Maybe their daily holographic meeting would do for a while, but it has been months. All Dusty wanted was to caress his boyfriend's muscular chest. Instead, all he could do was stare at the package his boyfriend had left for him waiting for today's holographic meeting.

A ping sound chimed in Dusty's wireless earbuds.

'Finally,' thought Dusty.

Dusty made a hand motion in the air signaling for his XContacts to turn on. From the field of view through his glasses, a notification popped up in the upper right.

'Colt Henson is calling,' the notification read.

Giddy as a puppy made to fetch something, Dusty made a swiping motion perhaps a bit too aggressively at the notification. After a few seconds of buffering, blue sparks began to appear on the couch area eventually forming into a handsome young man.

Colt's hologram had come to view. He stood in front of the blue couch. Most likely, he was just lying down somewhere in his hotel room wearing the VirtGear over his head.

While the VirtGear could create a hologram based on a person's body, the same could not be said of their clothes. As a result, you could choose from a set of clothes bought virtually.

Today, Colt decided to equip what one could only call a sexy librarian outfit. He wore his circular glasses and an unbuttoned dark beige coat with a grey V neck shirt that seemed to hug his muscled physique. His shirt was tucked in his jeans. The hologram captured Colt's body so well to the point where the bulge of his giant cock was visible. Or perhaps he fiddled with the customization to please Dusty?

"Hello, babe," Colt said in his clear tenor voice that had been used to woo ladies and men in the virtual theater before he became the creator of such shows. Dusty waved at him.

"Hey, my love," Dusty said with his sexy bass voice and a slight smirk which earned him a laugh from his boyfriend.

Colt then sat on the couch making use of a recent technology that allowed live holograms to interact with objects. It did look odd to Dusty that his boyfriend sat on the couch with his thigh seeming to sink in it probably due to a bug.

"Did you get my package?" Colt asked.

"Yes," Dusty replied.

"Did you open it?"

"Not yet. You said you wanted to see my reaction, didn't you?"

Colt smiled. "Well... You may open it now."

Dusty frantically opened the stylish square wooden box. He was very curious to know what was inside. When he saw it, his eyes lit up like a child getting his favorite toy for Christmas.

Inside was a helmet-like contraption similar to the VirtGear helmet, but with significantly less wires. Instead, the gadget came with wireless metal contraptions that looked like pads which was used to make the "feeling experience" more real. It even came in Dusty's favorite color (if you haven't figured out by now) blue.

"Woah," he said, still staring at the machine in awe.

"Anna wanted me to surprise you." said Colt. "I snapped a photo of your reaction."

Indeed, Colt had in hand the camera that appeared from selecting the virtual camera app.

"Sending..." he teases Dusty.

"Don't you dare!" Dusty says more loudly than he'd intended, but it was hopeless since he couldn't really interact without stealing his boyfriend's XGlasses in real life wherever he was.

"I'm just kidding," Colt reassures. "Still, you looked really cute in the picture."

"I just don't want to turn into a meme again."

Colt nodded. "I know. A lot of your high school friends are jerks."

"They were."

"Anyway," said Colt. "You look steaming hot in that outfit today."

Dusty wore a pastel blue (once again, he loves the color blue) suit with matching pants of the same color. He wore a white shirt underneath. With a perfectly fitting and pastel outfit plus a cute little bow tie, he looked simultaneously like a professional and someone who would fit in a candy land. And Colt wanted a taste of that candy.

Dusty snorted. "Look who's talking."

"Wanna do something sexy?" Colt said with an emphasis sexy.

"Did you forget you're a HOLOGRAM?" Dusty asked.

"Did you forget the functions of your new edition VirtGear helmet?" Colt retorted.

The enthusiastic expression appeared in Dusty's face again. How could he have forgotten?

"Anna said you don't even need to put your helmet on. Just the pads that allow us to have some kind of physical contact." said Colt. "We can do things. It has some interesting functions."

Soon enough, Dusty began to place the pads in the designated areas of his body and fiddled with settings to get the pads to work.

Meanwhile, Colt was flipping through an app labeled XXX for being a very "adult" application of the tech. He was shifting into different erotic outfits, teasing Dusty while he was preparing.

Dusty could feel his body heating up and cock rising as his boyfriend switched from outfit to outfit. First Colt wore a teacher outfit with just glasses and a lab gown his bulge showing at the bottom of the lab gown.

Dusty found it difficult to focus on attaching the pads to his own body.

After tapping another invisible button, he wore a Superman costume with his bulge appearing on the glorious red underwear. His muscles were visible in the tight spandex.

Dusty stared for a while before attaching the last two extra pads to the area above his crotch and but cheeks. One could easily guess what extra connections were for.

"You done?" Colt asked now back to his sexy librarian outfit with a book at hand and all.

"Yes, let's go." Dusty replied frantically as ever with his throbbing hard cock which seemed to tell him to get on with whatever it was they were going to do. He had removed his suit to put on the pads. Sitting on the couch with his shirt and bowtie still on, the pads glowed green to indicate that they were functioning. He was ready.

After tapping a button on the air, Colt's coat disappeared. He was now wearing just his grey shirt and jeans. He tapped another button and this time it looked like he'd been doused in rain. That's probably a function from the XXX app. It's clear he was a constant visitor to the gym. His abs shone through the wet shirt. His arms begged to be released from the clutches of his shirt. His wet chest simmered through the V neck opening of his shirt too. The new VirtGear even perfectly captured his now rock hard cock threatening to escape his jeans. It was probably about seven inches hard.

Dusty couldn't help but caress his own cock through his pants as his boyfriend began to caress his body.

It was nowhere near the same as doing it in real life, but he was desperate. He just wanted to feel his boyfriend's loving touch in any form. A weird electric sensation hit him where Colt would touch his chest. It almost felt like his boyfriend's fingers could penetrate through clothing. There was only a slight weight from his boyfriend's touch, yet he could feel the familiar rhythm of Colt's touches as he caressed the face of his lover before squeezing his pecs.

Colt's wet yet ghostly touch circled around Dusty's nipples. The electric sensation elicited a moan. Then the two kissed. The feeling of the kiss was different, yet the energy was the same.

They continued to kiss. Their tongues intertwined as Colt continued to caress his lover's body and grind his boyfriend causing a pleasurable electric sensation all over Dusty's whole body.

Colt's real body was doused with sweat as the couple made out with each other. Somewhere in another part of the world, a room service man was looking at the strange sight of a man wearing a VirtGear helmet. This sweaty muscular man was just in his underwear and had pads all over. The most notable thing about him though, was the seven inch or probably longer and very hard cock that was bursting through the seams of his briefs. He'd moan sometimes and mumble a name.

'Probably, the name of his lover,' the room service guy assumed. He eventually left the room with a hardon wishing this man the best virtual sex and getting a bit horny himself.

Back in the office, Dusty felt an electric tingle with every touch from his lover. Every kiss. Every slide. Every caress. He moaned as he got used to the electrical sensations of making out with a hologram.

Eventually, Colt's hand wandered towards Dusty's waist before reaching his crotch. Dusty moaned immediately as his lover's electric touch penetrated the clothing to cause a pleasurable sensation to his cock.

"Yeah," Dusty moaned loudly. He was surprised how good it felt. It felt as though every nerve was sending pleasure signals to his brain.

Dusty removed his pants. Now wearing only white shirt and boxers, he could feel Colt's touch with even less layers. The electric sensations as they kissed, as they touched, and as they fondled each other's cock. It was amazing.

The sound of moans filled the air as a person and a hologram of a person made out. All of a sudden, Colt backed out.

"You hear that?" Colt asked.

Annoyed at being cock blocked, Dusty tried to grab his hologram boyfriend until he heard it. The footsteps.

"Shut door!" he commanded. The doors hummed as they slid closed.

Before Dusty has the chance to worry about who may have seen them making out, Colt swipes at a button in his point of view which causes his clothes to disappear.

Here was Colt in hologram form; naked except for a necktie which was something Dusty was very into and Colt was still very much wet. His giant cock pointed towards the sky.

"Fuck me!" Dusty pleaded clearly ready for more, but he was shushed.

"Unfortunately, Anna said we couldn't go do that safely with the current functions of the device, but there is SOMETHING we can do."

Dusty nodded. Ready for whatever.

"Take off all your clothes," Colt commanded.

Now in bottom mode, Dusty obeyed. He removed his shirt and let his boxers drop towards the floor. He wasn't nearly as fit as his lover, but several months in training have defined his pecs and biceps with a small amount of chubbiness in his stomach. He kept his bowtie knowing that while he personally liked his boyfriend in a necktie, his boyfriend liked him in a bow tie. It was a weird yet similar fetish from them both.

"Show me your ass." Colt's tone became more commanding than ever turning Dusty on even more.

Dusty lay on his back at the office table and raised his legs up high, giving his lover a VIP ticket to his ass.

Without any lube whatsoever, Colt inserted his digital finger from his right hand in Dusty's pink ass. The electric feeling immediately permeated Dusty's insides. He moaned and moaned as it got deeper in him. In just a matter of seconds, his lover had found his G spot. He was surprised that even though his lover was technically not in the room, he was being fingered by him.

"This anatomy guide function sure is helpful," said Colt as he fingered his lover's G spot, putting his finger in and out.

"Fuck yeah!" Dusty moaned as he was penetrated by two fingers this time.

"You like that. Don't you, babe?" Colt smirked. With his other free hand, he began to fondle Dusty's balls.

Dusty nearly shouted as the electric hit his balls. He could feel his juice building up as Colt played with his balls while fingering him.

Eventually, Colt shifted to stroking his lover's six inch dick. He had no idea of the pleasure his lover was under as every part of Colt's hologram hand triggered the erogenous zones in his dick. Every touch from the head to the base was like heaven to Dusty.

Dusty moaned and moaned as his lover stroked him faster. His precum was oozing and it took him a lot of effort not to climax then and there.

"Wait. Stop. I need to cool down." Dust said.

Colt stopped moving for a while waiting for his boyfriend to get ready. He sneakily tapped a function that allowed the receiver end of the hologram touch to feel vibrations from the touch. He set it to increase intensity every five seconds.

"Okay, let's go." Dusty said.

"Get ready," Colt warned.

Colt slid four of his fingers into his lover's ass eliciting a cry from pleasure. His other hand continued to serve his lover's cock now brimming with precum. The electric sensations together with the vibrations were astounding.

Dusty tried to resist hard as the intensity of the fingering and the vibrating strokes of his lover got stronger. He put all his mental energy into delaying his climax. But seeing his lover's hologram looking wet with necktie hanging and dicking incredibly hard, with hologram hands jerking him, and a look of lust made it impossible to do so.

"Oh my god, please don't stop!" Dusty shouted as he moaned louder and louder not a care who in the office might hear it.

"Fuck!" With one last strangled moan, Dusty's cock throbbed as his cum sprayed around the office and his chest. He was panting from his unusual yet hot experience.

"Woah!" Dusty said. "Hologram sex is much better than I had thought it would be."

"Glad you enjoyed it," said Colt standing proud and tall still with a hardon.

"How about you? Can I do anything about it on your end?"

"You bet you can."


Back in Colt's hotel room, he awoke from his virtual excursion sweaty and still incredibly horny. He was tempted to just jack it off himself, but persisted to wait for his lover.

Little did he know that Eddy, the room service guy (finally, he has a name), was hiding in the closet with his pants off and dick exposed. He couldn't help his lust in wanting to see the arousal of this hot man. The buzz of the VirtGear alerted him that Colt was waking up.

Through the gap of the closet he could see that there was now a hologram of a man in a sexy cowboy outfit. He wore a just leather vest and jeans. He seemed to call himself Dusty and was probably Colt's lover. Eddy ascertained this is probably the guy the hotel guest named Colt was visiting virtually. He wished he could get in with all the fun the two were having.

Alas, he was relegated to just jerking off his own cock as he watched the hologram suck the hotel guest's cock. Colt, with his very large cock, seemed to be close to the climax. He lay in bed as the Dusty in hologram form blew him. It was interesting seeing a hologram man give head to another man.

Eddy wondered what that must feel like. It must feel good considering the loud moans coming from Colt's mouth.

Seeing Colt being hot and bothered; seeing him turn red as his lover serviced his cock and caressed his balls; Eddy jerked himself off faster and faster. He saw as Colt's sweat dripped on the bed. He saw Dusty's ass as he crouched to suck his lover better.

Eddy opened the closet door a bit wider to see a better view. He wanted to see more and Colt was getting close.

"Suck me you dirty cowboy!" Colt shouted.

Colt's moans were now permeating the room and Eddy had to bite down on his lip to avoid moaning and getting caught as he stroked himself faster to their beat.

"Yeah, baby!" Colt shouted as his cock released an amount of cum that was built up for a long time. His cock spurted it all over his abs, chest, and even his face. With his fingers, he licked his cum seductively while staring at his lover.

Eddy couldn't help it anymore. He bit down his lips hard to avoid moaning as he released his cum on the closet floor. He breathed for a bit to relax as he listened in on a couple talking about a musical or something like that, probably cooling off from all that virtual sex.

He'd have to wait before he could escape and clean up the mess.


"We should do this every day." Colt continued to wipe the cum off some of the pads on his body and licked them.

"I dunno with you, but I think we should wait a while before doing it again," said Dusty. "Ya know, so we can build up more cum."

"It is hotter when there's more cum," Colt noted matter-of-factly. "I'm just not sure if I could wait that long."

"Okay. Let's compromise then. Twice every week. Then every other day we attend a virtual concert or just talk. Sounds good?"

"Yes!" Colt nodded in agreement.

The two looked into each other's eyes before saying their goodbyes.

"See you again tomorrow, babe," Colt almost sang the line.

"See you too, love," came Dusty's reply.

It wasn't perfect, but it was still very hot. Eventually, they'd have sex in real life again. But for now, they looked forward to their "virtual sessions."