If you ever go back into Wooly Forest, you better not go at night. There's things out there in the middle of them woods. That would make a strong man die from fright.

That was how my grandfather had described the Forest not forty miles from our house when I was about nine years old. I spent many afternoons with him - he was a wonderful storyteller. Some were so fanciful I later decided they could not be possibly true.

Now ten years later, I have decided to go camping in Wooly Forest for the weekend to see for myself about the 'things out there'. For some reason this story always rang true. I suppose it was how grandfather looked when he spoke of it. Stopping at the end of the dirt road in my old pickup truck, I get out my pack and hike back a couple miles until finding a small clearing. There is shade and a stream nearby that looks like it might have fish to catch.

A light breeze blows as I walk through Wooly Forest often rustling the trees in a way that makes me wonder if I am being watched and followed as I make my way. From time to time I will halt and stand motionless thinking I will hear or see what it may be. Never do I see a living thing. Setting up my tent and sleeping bag then the short walk to the stream with my pole. Inside of an hour, two fish swallow my hook and I have caught dinner.

Even while fishing, I continue to look around as if sensing that I am not alone but I never see any discernible movement. Cooking my fish over a small fire and having a drink of 'shine as the sunlight fades to the dark. Soon enough it's time for bed as I douse the fire and flick on my flashlight to get settled in the tent. The whiskey helps me fall to sleep soundly as the wind whistles in the trees.

I wake with a start in the middle of the night. A dream ending suddenly has me awake and a bit groggy. I realize I need to pee. Putting on only my boots, I turn on the flashlight and walk maybe twenty feet from my tent. Penis in left hand, flashlight in my right I am suddenly startled by the sound behind me. I turn quickly even as my urine still flows and my light shines on two large human feet. My hand begins to shake as my piss stops as if turning off the tap. My light continues to raise up the highly muscled thighs and the torso of a body builder.

By now my light in shaking right hand is level with my shoulders and I've not reached the chest. I see dark hair covering its torso then I stop and scream. Its head is that of a menacing bull with pointed horns. The minotaur from my grandfather's story ten years ago. Fear. My nude body drops to my knees not five feet from this creature. Then it's voice rumbles deep, "I see you did not believe your grandfather's story about me." Before I can say a word, my mind goes blank and my body limp as I crash to forest floor.

If you ever go back into Wooly Forest, you better not go at night. There's things out there in the middle of them woods. That'd make a strong man die from fright.

I awake to find myself slung over the minotaurs broad left shoulder with my head down its back and its arm across the back of my legs. It senses my movements and speaks once more. "Just a few hundred yards and I will put you down, Jeremiah. I don't intend to hurt you if you don't give me reason to do so." My mind is racing now as I realize it knows my name. Then I realize it knows who my grandfather is as well. But how could it know this. My body bounces, my arms hang nearly limp towards it's muscled ass. I feel a chill wearing only my boots.

A clearing with two small lanterns lighting the area. It appears almost like a pasture, if that is possible in the middle of the woods. Huge hands grasp my waist and slide me off its shoulder and lays me on the ground. My butt feels the coolness of the damp grass. I look up from my nearly laying flat position and see the enormous bull cock hanging from his hairy groin. It is enormous. The girth the size of a coke can and the length like that of a whiskey bottle. It is enormous and it is only hanging. As it shifts, I can see his enormous balls covered in dark fur.

"I know your grandfather told you to never go to Wooly Forest at night and yet - here you are." I start to get up and perhaps scramble away though I have no idea where I am. A large human foot trips me up and I fall face first onto the damp grass. "Do not try that again, Jeremiah." Again, it speaks my name so clearly then ends with a deep grunt. Movement again and I can see the full frontal in the lantern lights. The minotaur must be seven feet tall and every inch is covered in muscle. Once more I look all the way up and see the face of a bull and perfectly paired horns. It REALLY is the minotaur from grandfather's story - half man, half bull.

It reaches down and I feel a hand rub over my cheek and under my chin. The other hand touches my side and presses down towards my hip. I have been with some girls at college and I know what this is - what it is doing and I try to move away but it's strong hands hold me firmly. Its fat pink nipples emerge from the thick mat of fur on its muscled chest. "You should have listened to your grandfather - he is a very wise man. And you Jeremiah - I thought you were a smart young man but seems you are naive." By now I have noticed his bull cock is no longer hanging but beginning to show the effects of blood flow and arousal. I want to squirm away, I try to move but I know my 180 pound frame is no match for its strength. The minotaur.

As it turns slightly, I now see its long hairy tail swing and sway behind him. My pulse is racing and I feel like I will once more black out. The fur appears dark brown with a heavy tuft at the end, some might think it swings like a crop. Or a whip. Its left hand rubs over my bare hip then slides around to caress my ass cheek. Its right hand moves from my face over my neck and rubs my shoulder. Once more I look and notice the dark vein running along its shaft now bulging his flesh. The wide head has become pointed as the cock is nearly erect.

"Please, Please ... I beg of you to have mercy ... I've I've never been ... " fucked, I think though my speech trails off as I know that I am indeed going to be ... fucked. I now feel its left thumb pulling on my asscheek and a deep rumbling grunt when it sees my nearly smooth pink bum hole. In contrast to its fur, I have very little body hair and short, well-groomed hair on my head. The minotaur begins to move behind me. A foot pushes my right leg outward and I begin to whimper with despair. It said it would not hurt me but I now think that enormous bull cock will rip my ass apart.

There's things out there in the middle of them woods. I am face down in the green grass of the meadow. A strong hand lifts my hips and twelve-inch diameter log slips between my belly and the grass. The wood is smooth as the bark has been removed but it is still very firm. My ass is now elevated as I feel muscled thighs now pressing against my inner thighs. The air grows still and warm as its enormous body mass begins to cover my back. My body begins to shiver then shake uncontrollably when the head of the bull cock presses against my ass cheeks.

My face turns to the left and the minotaurs hairy jaw is visible. It is so much taller than me that it's entire head extends beyond mine. Wetness. I feel the drool of its head press against my asshole. Hands grip both my upper arms to hold me as my body is pinned over the log under me. Intense pressure as the coke can thick head pushes into my body. I squirm from the pain. I cry out loudly in the depths of the forest as the pain swallows my body whole. The minotaur is mounting me. The minotaur that knows my name and my grandfather is mounting me. It grunts loudly as the bull cock begins to sodomize my precious hole.

For five minutes I feel the dread and the pain. For five minutes I feel the friction and the heat. Its breath exhaling on my face nearly curdles my stomach as it fucks me like an animal. And the five minutes after that I feel nothing as I have passed out from the size of the cock being forced into my sleeve like a piston engine. The minotaur continues to fuck my lifeless body until its urge has been satisfied. It bellows as the seed from its loins blast deep within my bowels. Heavy hairy balls expel nearly a gallon of bull sperm deep within me.

When I awake to the ray of sunshine streaming through the pines I find myself cuddled against the minotaur on the green meadow. It is spooning my body while a hairy arm lays over my side like a lovers embrace. The bull cock is wedged up against my ass but no longer inside me. My body feels stiff from the cold still with only my boots. When I try to move, the ache of my asshole reminds me of the night. My belly and lower ribs are sore from the log under me while it fucked me. I think of my grandfather's story and wonder now why I did not listen.

"Twenty years ago," the voice is soft and deep. Once more it knows what I am thinking even when I do not. "I met your grandfather twenty years ago, Jeremiah. He was camping not too far from where you are. He had not listened to his father like you did not listen to him." The minotaur moved its body and I could feel the ooze of its semen run from my bruised and torn anus. "I brought him to this meadow that night." And with that revelation, the minotaur moved to stand. It reached down and picked me up and once again put me over its broad hairy shoulder.

It meandered in silence never once using a path that I could notice. Arriving at the campsite, it lay me down on the dirt. It started a fire to warm me. Then it stood and took four steps before turning and speaking one last time. "Tell your grandfather that you did not listen to him. Tell him, Jeremiah. I will know if you do not." The fire crackled and I looked down. When I raised my eyes again, the minotaur was gone into the Wooly Forest.