Deep down inside I was envious of my brother Todd. He was a good looking guy who was intelligent. He was able to finish college and find himself a great job. Right now Todd had moved into his first apartment. He asked me to come over on Saturday morning to check things out. I was his nineteen year old sister Beth. When I got there I received the grand tour. It didn't take long.

When we got to the bedroom I noticed that he squeezed a king size bed into this small area. I wanted to ask why he needed such a big bed for but I kept my mouth shut. When we finished the tour my brother broke open some wine. I was never good with alcohol and I began to get upset. I began to sob and my brother wanted to know why I was crying.

I said he had everything going great in his life. Here I was working at a crummy job at the laundromat. I didn't have any prospects. Todd came over and sat next to me on the couch. He put his hand on the back of my neck and started to rub that area. I didn't want to admit it but I was beginning to get excited. I didn't have a boyfriend and all that close contact with my brother was making me horny.

I looked over at my brother's face and I leaned in and kissed him on the mouth. I think he was somewhat surprised but he didn't pull back. We actually had a deep soul kiss. Todd brought a hand up to my chest and he touched the outside of my shirt. I could feel my nipples starting to become erect. I must have snapped out of it. I got up and ran back to Todd's bedroom. I threw myself onto the bed. Todd came back and touched me.

"What's wrong Beth?" He asked me.

I told him that he had everything going right in his life. Here I was spinning my wheels getting nowhere. Todd had me sit up. He began to undress me. Off came my shirt. He reached back and unsnapped my bra. My tits came free. Next he pulled off my shoes and socks. He got my pants and panties off. I was naked for my brother. Todd stood up and removed his clothing. I almost gasped.

My brother had this thick cock that hung down between his legs. My face was just inched from his dick. I knew what he wanted. I reached out and lifted his cock. I brought my face closer and I inhaled his dick. I just lost my self control. I was bobbing up and down his fat shaft. It only took a few minutes before Todd was completely hard. Todd climbed up onto the bed with me. He spread my thighs wide apart.

Todd knelt close to my opening. He started to rub his cock head across my pussy lips. I thought I was going to lose it. I could tell that I was soaking wet down below. I soon felt his mushroom at my opening. Todd began to push inside of me. I let out this gasp as my brother's cock stretched me wide. I needed my brother to fuck me. That's all there was to it. Todd pushed all the way into me. He held his cock stationary for some seconds.

I know I was having these small orgasms right then. My brother pulled back and then drove his cock deep into my belly. I hope no one heard me. I let out this loud scream. I wrapped my legs around my brother and held on as he fucked me like some whore. He went deep and fast into my pussy. I had only had sex twice before this. This was so much better. Todd's fat dick was stretching me wide. I know I starting to beg my brother to use my pussy.

I needed him in the worst way. I looked down and saw his ass moving up and down everytime he entered me. The couple of times I had sex before my lovers wore a condom. Todd's bare cock was giving me these crazy sensations. I know we went for a long time. At least it seemed that way. I was feeling a little sore after awhile. Todd said he was getting close. I said I needed to feel him cum in me. That is exactly what he did.

Todd arched his back. He grunted and then he flooded me with his thick seed. I could feel the heat as he coated my belly with his cream. I clamped down hard and squeezed his cock. I wanted every drop I could get. After a few minutes Todd slowed down. He was getting soft. He finally pulled free. I could feel his cum running out of me and down my slit.

My body shook as I tried to calm myself down. Todd fell onto the bed. He leaned over and began to work on my nipples. At first he sucked on them and then he pulled on them with his fingers. I lost track on how many orgasms I had. We were both breathing heavily. I finally got calmed down enough to get up and go to the bathroom. I tried to empty out the best I could.

When I came back to the bed Todd was on his back. His spent cock was resting on his belly. He said he didn't regret a thing. That was the best sex he had ever experienced. After I calmed down enough I called my Mom. I said I had drank too much wine. I was staying over with Todd for the night. Mom approved of my plan. I slept next to my brother's naked body that evening.

In the morning Todd took me again. This time I mounted my brother's stiff pole. I slid down as he entered me for a second time. I felt a little raw but I didn't care. I needed Todd's cock inside me. Todd reached up and massaged my tits. My breasts are the size of grapefruits. His hands got me so excited. Todd surprised me by giving me more of his hot cum. It wasn't like the first time but it didn't matter. After we finished we showered together. Todd was behind me in the tub. He rubbed his body against my back side.

He didn't fuck me but he slid his dick up and down my crack. He told me that one day soon he was going to take my virgin ass. We showered and dressed and Todd kissed me before I walked out the door. When I got home I said hello to my parents and then I went to my bedroom. I collapsed onto my bed. I began to think about what had happened.

I could feel Todd's cum still stirring in my tummy. As I was daydreaming my phone went off. It was my brother. He said that he wanted me again. He wanted me as his lover. I was getting excited once more. I used my finger on my clit as Todd said he was going to give me more of his cum the next time we fucked. I told my brother he could do anything he liked with my body.

I am now waiting to be in my brother's bed one more time. I need his stiff cock buried deep in my pussy.