It was one of our first holidays without the kids! My wife and I are in our fifties and we have two grown up children. We had many caravan holidays when they were younger but now they were starting to opt out of coming with us. It's a new season which makes a few things possible that we haven't done for years.

So, we decided during a break in lockdown this Summer to go away for a week to the south coast. Just the two of us in our caravan. We settled on a caravan site on the south coast and were all set up on a pitch surrounded by a few other caravans but with some lovely views.

One day started well. It was sunny, warm and around 8am. We had woken up and were sitting up in our caravan drinking tea and reading. As we used the single beds at the front, I was on one side and my wife was on the other. We usually put the blinds up a bit so we get some light to read but others can't see in. I had also opened my side window a bit for some fresh air.

Whilst I was reading, I heard a door open on the next caravan and I spotted out of the corner of my eye that a slim girl, probably around 18 or 19, was running from the neighbouring caravan (there was a vacant plot between us so probably 10 metres away) to the water tap about 5 metres away in her sleepwear; T-shirt and knickers (small briefs). Her T-shirt was a pastel mauve colour and her knickers were light purple (just a slightly darker shade than her T-shirt). She had long light brown hair, just like many girls of her age. It was obvious straight away that she didn't have a bra on (who sleeps in a bra anyway?) as her small breasts moved freely under her T-shirt and her nipples were evident. I didn't get a good look at her knickers yet but she still got my attention.

As she had nothing on her feet, she walked/hopped carefully across the grass. She had a small empty plastic water bottle in her hand and she looked a little flustered. I initially thought she was desperate for a drink. She didn't look up at all, not seemingly bothered that anyone was looking, so she hadn't noticed me. I watched as she turned the tap on, bent over and filled the bottle. When she was done, she turned off the tap and turned around to walk back to her caravan. Then I got a good look at her bum and her knickers slightly riding up the crack of her cheeks. They were just ordinary, plane cotton knickers. The sort teenage girls sleep in. She stepped into the doorway of her caravan.

My wife hadn't noticed the girl yet. I was pretending to read my book whilst watching the girl out of the corner of my eye, half hoping that my wife wouldn't spot her as I might have to stop watching then.

I was just thinking how lucky I was to have witnessed this spectacle when, to my amazement, the girl came back out with another empty bottle. This time I got a good look at the front of her knickers. It looked smooth with no evidence of pubic hair. That either meant that she has very soft or very little pubic hair (or both) or that she already shaves it off. On her way to the tap, she muttered 'What the hell?' which suggested that her parents, who were spotted through the door of her caravan, had made her do it. Maybe because, as I imagined, it was her turn to fill up the water the day before and she hadn't done it so her parents made her go out and get some for their morning drink. I did wonder what parents would send their daughter out in public in her knickers, but I guess they were trying to teach her a lesson.

Her muttering those words got my wife's attention. When she looked she said 'What is she doing?' slightly surprised that a teenage girl was running about in just knickers and t-shirt. At this point I looked up and pretended to only notice her now. We both watched as she filled the second bottle. This time she came around our side of the tap to avoid treading on the increasingly wet ground. As she bent over we got a great look at her bum. This solicited the usual comment from my wife when she sees such a sight 'Oh. cheeky!' as she spotted the girls knickers riding up her bum cheeks. This time she went back in the caravan and didn't reappear, leaving us to debate what that was all about and how brave she was to agree to run to the tap in her knickers in broad daylight. How many teenage girls would do that?

I guess she might have been trying to pretend that her parents were making her do this terrible act and wanted others to see this great injustice that was being done to her. If that's the case then I suspect she may well have exhibitionist tendencies. Let's hope it develops in later life and someone, somewhere gets a better look at her lovely body.