Sarah had always been sexually adventurous yet finds herself in a rut of doggy style and missionary. Surely this is not what they mean when they talk about a married sex life? She day dreams about the wild days, lay-bys where she would take if her sexy panties and straddle the driver or the long drives where she would unzip his pants while he was driving and spend half an hour sucking his cock like it was a candy cane at Christmas. How is she going to get those days back...?

Sarah is mid 30s, long red hair, curvy with an ass and tits that turn heads. Married with kids' sex is now an as and when she can squeeze it in, she's always horny, her clit pulsating when she wears the really tight thong, when it rubs of her as she walks, always wet and just wants to be taken anywhere anytime. Sadly, not always possible, until she has an unexpected run in with an old friend.

Jane was Sarah's high school friend; she was just as wild and slutty as Sarah. They bump in to each other and decide to go for coffee where Sarah off loads about her boring sex life. Jane's face lights up and as the conversation ends, she invites Sarah to a little party at her house the following weekend.

The week goes on and Sarah's looking forward to a proper catch up with Jane.

Saturday comes, Sarah puts on her tight black dress, so tight it makes her ass stand to attention and her breast almost pop out it, underneath she has a black and red lacy bra and matching panties, long healed black shoes her long hair loosely curled falling between her breast. She's ready for the party, slightly nervous as she only knows Jane and has never been to her house. Jane said to take an overnight bag encase she decides to stay as it is 45 minutes away. Jane packs up the car kisses the husband and kids' good night and off she goes.

As she approaches Jane's house, she is in awe of how big it is, steal gates open, leading her up a long driveway to an almost mansion type house. She parks up and heads inside, the house is filled with people, all dressed up and looking amazing, ladies who are all glamour with almost everything on show, men groomed to perfection. Through the crowed she sees Jane, who quickly hurries towards her and takes her to mingle, champagne is flowing and the people are lovely. After a few hours and a lot of wine Sarah Is loving life, she also has her eyes on a few men who she wouldn't mind a little after party fun with, just then an official looking man takes to the stair case and announces the lower-level rooms are open for pleasure, every one claps. Sarah has no idea what's going on and the party starts up again with some people heading towards the stair case.

Sarah is inquisitive, she wants to know what's happening downstairs, should she follow or just keep mingling she's unsure. Another glass of champagne then she will go down, just then a beautiful blonde approach's her, are you coming down I've been watching you all night? And runs her finger up Sarah's arm, she almost spits her champagne out in shock. "I'm sorry I'm new here where are we going, what's downstairs?" The blonde giggles and takes Sarah's hand, "come with me Red, I will show you". She leads Sarah down the stairs to a corridor with red doors, lots of doors, they either have available or full on them, what the hell is this, Sarah has a sudden sense of fear wash over her. She starts to pull away but the mysterious blonde pulls her harder. Sarah has no idea what's going on and the blonde d won't talk to her, she just keeps giggling, they stop at door, the blond turns to Sarah "Are you open minded, want some fun and ready to let go" Sarah is frozen not to sure what to say, she's aroused at the fear yet aware that she is now in a basement and has know idea why, before she can't talk the blonde puts her hand on Sarah's neck behind her hair and pulls Sarah in to her, they are now kissing, she feels the blondes tongue in her mouth, the warm wet spit mixing between them. All fear is now gone and Sarah is ready to go in, the door opens...

There's a room with a bed and 4 people on it, a camera on the wall and a glass panel looking into a middle room almost like a circle you can see other windows in the distance, in the middle room there's a larger bed, on this bed is a woman tied up and blindfolded, 5 men and 2 woman stand around the bed they are all naked, they take turns of touch the woman tied to the bed, they have toys that they are inserting in to her, the woman is loving it she's groaning with pleasure, Sarah starts to focus on her room, which now has 3 men and 3 woman.

Sarah's senses are now heighten, her clit is throbbing and she can feel her pussy soaking with excitement, the blond pulls a strap of Sarah's dress over her shoulder and starts to kiss her neck, Sarah leans her head to one side making it obvious she does not object, one of the men on the bed is watching them, stroking his long hard penis, enjoying what he sees, this makes Sarah wetter, on the bed another 2 men are fucking a tall brunette doggy style, one in her pussy and one in her mouth, Sarah needs to be fucked, she can feel the throbbing getting more intense, the blond is now In front of her sucking on her hard nipples, she takes her hand down to Sarah's soaking wet clit and starts to rub, Sarah almost buckles with excitement. They all let out a little laugh.

Sarah is now down to her underwear the man who was watching her and the blonde tap the bed asking her to join them, the other 3 are still fucking in different positions, the sex show in the middle room is in full swing the tied up woman now has another woman sitting on her face grinding herself in to the mouth of the tied up lady, she then has a very handsome well hung man fucking her hard, taking big long hard pushes in to her, he is kissing the 3rd woman in that room and gripping her breast tight while fucking the woman lying down. The last man is standing to the side of them all masturbating vigorously. Sarah doesn't know where to look or who to watch all she knows is she needs fucked, fucked by the blonde and the man who is getting harder by the minute watching her.

She sits in the bed the blonde gets to her knees, pushes Sarah's legs apart and before Sarah gets a moment to prepare for it, the blonde has her tongue inserted into Sarah's hole, Sarah let's out a gasp, the man then pushed Sarah back on to the bed and quickly sits on her face, forcing his penis in to her mouth, sitting down hard to force Sarah to take it all, she gags, spit runs down her cheeks and in to her hair. He starts to fuck her mouth, up and down faster and faster, she can taste his pre cum run down her throat, the blonde, is fucking her pussy now with 3 fingers and licking her clit rapidly, Sarah can feel the orgasm coming, she grabs the man's ass and pushes him inside her mouth harder, letting out a muffled scream as she cums, the blonde quickly pulls her fingers out and puts her tongue in to clean up every last bit of Sarah's cum, the man cums in Sarah's mouth and she has no option but to swallow it all. She goes weak as everyone moves, sits up and the blonde quickly kisses her mixing their spit and cum.

It's not over yet, as Sarah cleans herself up, she looks back to the bed and the man is now slapping the blonde's ass cheeks, she's bent over on all 4, he's spanking her hard, as she shouts instructions for him to go faster, the other 3 are finished, one of the men go to the blonde's head and guides her mouth towards his cock, she willingly opens up and starts to clean it with her tongue. Sarah can feel herself wanting to join in, she walks over to the bed and find space between the blondes' legs, she opens her mouth and starts to lick, from ass to clit. The blonde moves her hips in agreement Sarah continues to do this while fingering the blonde everyone is joining on, Sarah has another man standing between her legs watching her, she never noticed him until he rams his penis in to her cunt she groans, everyone in the room continues fucking each other through the night.

Exhausted Sarah decides it's time to sleep, she leaves the room and is met by an official looking bell boy who leads her to a lovely room, with shower and bed. Sarah stays the night, lying in bed wondering what the fuck just happened.

The following day she is woken by Jane, "have fun" Jane giggles. The both lie in bed laughing about the night and Jane tells Sarah she has these parties once a month. Next time she's welcome to bring the husband.

Sarah goes home refreshed and excited; she sees her husband and orders his back to bed where she joins him and lets him fuck her in every hole possible...