It had started off as any normal business trip. I flew from Michigan to Orlando. When I arrived in Orlando, I was greeted by my old college buddy Kyle. We went to the same school around the same time, but didn't graduate the same year. Kyle was a senior manager within our company. I had recently taken a job back at headquarters managing new technology. Lucky for me, I was able to join Kyle, another senior manager Jake, and his boss in a car to our resort where are conference was. I remained fairly quiet as they discussed what they would be doing with their yearly bonuses. Kyle's boss said he was going to buy a car and a condo for his daughter who was going to school in southern Florida.

Once we arrived we checked into the hotel. I was given a key and the hotel took my bags and said they would make sure they got to my room. The four of us decided to go to lunch and ate quickly as the conference started at 1 PM. We all had speeches to give later that afternoon. Jake was the host of the conference and would be on and off stage all afternoon. Ryan was up first, then me, followed by his boss, and some motivational speaker to close the day.

Once the conference started the day went fast. I saw a lot of my previous coworkers and soon it was time for me to be on stage. There was a quick delay while they were switching PowerPoints between presenters. While I was waiting I saw one of my old friends, Jones. He and I met the first day of college and sat next to each other for almost every class we had. After we graduated we remained friends and I was even in his wedding. He had a beautiful blonde woman with him. I introduced myself and she said her name was Casey. She was about 5'5" tall and 100lbs. She was wearing a fitted black dress with blue steaks down the side that showed off her very shapely body. She had nice B size breast and a flat stomach. Before I could start a conversation I was whisked off to the stage for my presentation. As, I was leaving Jones said "Call me tonight so we can party!"

My speech went well and I received a standing ovation. As I exited the stage, I found Jones in the crowd and he gave me a thumbs up. At the same time, Casey gave me a sly look and a wink. I didn't know what that meant but I was excited to find out.

As I got to the back of the room, I ran into my coworker Sam. She was 5'9" and 130lbs. She had beautiful red hair and cute glasses. She wasn't skinny, but she wasn't fat. Just a healthy former cheerleader. She had recently joined our team to be my understudy. I wasn't her boss, but my job was to teach her everything I knew so I could take another job when I wanted to. She gave me a big hug and said I did a great job presenting. We watch the next presenter and headed over to where the vendor fair was going to be. The vendor fair was an opportunity for the conference attendees to mingle with the sponsors of the show. We wanted to check on our booth and make sure our people were ready to go.

While talking at the booth Sam asked "Are you going to be wearing that suit and tie all night?"

I said "I might, why?"

"Don't get me wrong it suits you well, but it's warm in here already and you're starting to sweat pretty bad." Sam replied.

We both laughed. I said "You're right, I'm going to run up-stairs and change."

"Can I come with you?" Sam asked.

I said "Absolutely, I'm pretty sure I have an awesome suite. I am on the same floor as Kyle".

She made a face of surprise and jealously.

We headed up stairs and got to the top floor. Room 1730 was on my card. We get to the door and my room key card doesn't work.

"I must have left my key next to my phone or something," I said.

We headed to the front desk and was soon greeted by a front desk agent. I explained my key situation and the lady checked her computer.

"I think I found the problem here Mr. P." said the lady. "We accidentally gave you the incorrect room. That room was for the Chief Financial Officer of your company!"

"What will I do for a room then?" I asked.

"Well the bad news is we already gave away your room reservation, but the good news is I have found you an even better room with a great view." She replied.

I said "awesome" as I got a phone call from my boss.

As she was processing the room change I informed my boss how everything was going and he asked when I was going to be at the vendor show. I said I would be there soon as I went to change and had a room key issue. As we were chatting and I looked up to see Sam chatting it up with the front desk agent. I quick hung up the call and returned to my situation.

She said "you're all set Mr. P."If you wait right here I can go grab your bags."

When she returned with the bags she gave me instructions of how to get to my room. It was far away and due to construction there was no easy way to get there. As we start walking, I asked Sam "what all the talking was about with the front desk."

"Ooo you know, the usual front desk questions. I hope you don't mind two keys and a 4:30 am wakeup call" she said.

I laughed, "I hope your joking"

After a 15 minute walk we got to the correct building, and looked for an elevator. It was closed due to maintenance. We walked up the stairs to the top floor and found my room. When we got inside it was amazing. There was a separate living room from bedroom, and a huge bathroom with walk in shower.

Sam said "you need a shower big boy! Hurry up we got to get back to the show."

I threw my suit case on a bench in the bedroom and said "make yourself at home."

When I got into the shower the water was nice. It felt good to cool off. My mind quick jumped to my interaction with Casey. I wasn't masturbating on purpose but the soapy water felt good on my dick and balls. I am 6'4" 250 lbs. I was muscular but had a layer of dad bod over top. My dick is normally 5 inches soft and now it was starting to grow to a full 7-8 inches.

In the shower there was a window and about halfway through my shower the bedroom light turned on. The room was tinted red, from the bedroom side and all you could see were shadows, but I could see that it was Sam. I played it off as I didn't know she was there. I continued to shower and made every attempt to show off my big penis. Sam took her blue ΒΌ zip work top off and started to run her hands through her tank top and bra. My excitement continued to grow as I started to massage my member. When Sam saw this she started to rub her pussy through her tight pants. She pulled her left tit out and started to pinch and rub it. Her right hand quickly started to remover her belt and unzip her pants. She quickly burrowed her hand in her pussy and we both continued to pleasure ourselves. After about 5 mins she stopped got up and turned out the lights. I could see what she was doing and thought she had second thoughts. In an effort to hurry up I abandon by hard dick and started to do a final rinse to get all of the soap off my body. Then I heard the glass shower door open. I quickly turn around to see Sam in her black bra and panties.

"What is taking you so long? Why is your dick hard? Are you jerking off?" Sam asked.

"Sorry, the water felt so nice and I'm not jerking off. It just happened. What are you doing here? I replied.

"After our long walk, I wanted a shower because I feel gross she said.

"I came to see what was taking you so long. Move over!" She demanded as she released her 38C breast from her black bra

. She slowly removed her matching black panties by shaking her hips side to side. Her tits were amazing, and her pussy was clean shaven except for a small tuft of red hair neatly trimmed above. Once in the shower she gently pushed me away from the water so she could get wet. Her hand fell across my chest and slowly down to my hips. She grabbed my erect dick and pulled me close.

"I always wondered if that outline in your pants match your dominant work personality. I guess I know the answer now."

She quickly gave me a kiss as she kneeled down to suck my cock. She played with the head of my cock before she attempted to take my massive dick in her mouth. As I entered her mouth she struggled with the girth of my penis. Once she was convertible with my size, she continued to work my cock with her right hand and rub her pussy with the left.

After a few minutes she stood up turn around and grabbed the sides of the window. I slowly ran my cock up and down her slit. As I pulled my cock away I could see her juices string from her pussy. I slowly started to enter her and she responded with a moan of pleasure.

She then reached between her legs, grabbed my balls and pulled me deep into her. She looked back and said "fuck me like the slut I am!"

I started to fuck her as hard as I could. I continued to push her hard into the wall minimizing the space between her and the wall. She pushed into each of my strokes and we started to reach orgasm. She released my balls and started to furiously rub her pussy which caused her to moan even more. Within a few minutes her legs started to quiver and screamed "fuck meeeee! I am goooing to cuuuuummmmmm!"

I continued to fuck her through her orgasm. After a few minutes her leg started to quiver again, which pushed me over the edge. I grabbed her by her hair at the back of her head, spun her around and shoved my cock in her mouth. She started to choke on my dick and I started to come in her mouth. She pulled my dick out and I came on her glasses, face, and tits.

"Fuck me" she exclaimed.

"Again? I just did" I replied.

"Noooo! Keep that thing away from me." She said.

"I thought you two were friends?" I asked.

She responded with a sarcastic smile.

I quickly got cleaned off and played with her body on my way out of the shower. I took my time getting dressed as I waited for Sam to get out of the shower. After 10 minutes she came out of the shower in a towel.

"Bashful???" I asked.

She playfully shoved me and told me to "fuck off."

I stole her towel and said "hurry up we are already late. We don't want people to ask questions."

She started to turn red ad she thought about what just happened. "You can't say anything to anyone" she stated.

"I would say shit if my mouth was full of it." I responded.

She quickly got dressed and we started to head back towards the show. As we got to a fork in the road Sam mentioned she wanted to go back to her room to do her hair and makeup.

"Hurry up." I said.

I arrived at the show about 20 minutes late. My boss questioned where I was and I reminded him I had room issues and I that I had to change. He accepts my excuse and asked "where is Sam?"

"I saw her earlier her but we split paths when I went to my room." I responded.

Luckily, I was whisked away with a question from the sales team. The show continued without incident and Sam showed up about a half hour after me. She arrived with Rolf our VP and was showing him our booth. My boss walked up and injected himself into the conversation. Sam looked over at me and gave me a weird look. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to save her or she was reminiscing about our earlier encounter. I let her bake for a moment until decided to jump in. I said hello to Rolf and said "hey Sam, I have a customer with a question for you."

As I was pulling her away, Rolf interjected and said "I really like our presence here at the show. You did a really nice job setting this all up."

"Thanks Rolf, I could do all of this without the help of our team, especially Sam." I responded.

He gave her a smile and we were quickly on our way out of that conversation.

During the middle of the show we grabbed a beer and some food. There were cocktail tables with chairs set up between the booths. We found one just far enough away where people wouldn't interrupt us. Just as we started to chat about nothing our boss joined us with a beverage. He asked Sam "Where were you earlier?"

"Before the show started I had to run to my room for personal reasons. On my way back I ran into Rolf who had a customer asking him a question. He grabbed me to help and I was stuck with him." She responded.

"Rolf said you were with him for 10 minutes. What personal problems? Where were you for the other 45 minutes?" My boss pushed.

"Well they are called personal problems because they are personal, but if you must know lady problems." Sam sniped back.

Our boss quickly changed the subject and within a few minutes left us for another coworker.

After a moment of silence, I spoke up and said "Lady problems? That's what you call that?"

She rolled her eyes and said "yeah you beat my lady parts up with that oversized pipe of yours. She's seen better days. In a good sorta way."

I laugh and said "well maybe we can find more time to do that again."

"Not tonight there big fella" I have plans with some friends from my old job.