Choosing the Best Countertop For Your Kitchen

One of the main components in any kitchen is the countertops. The countertops, and the cabinets, take up the majority of your visual range when you venture into your kitchen so it is important to guarantee they work with your design.

Countertops can light up a room. When selecting what materials your countertops will be, you should also remember functionality. Different materials may work best and add visual interest when utilized for different work surfaces in your kitchen.

Granite countertops are probably the most popular ones out there this moment, and with good reason. They are elegant, come in more than 2500 tones, durable, and nearly maintenance free. They are the second hardest material, after diamonds and add value to a home. They are more expensive than different materials, but their durability makes the cost well justified, despite all the trouble. They can look excessively heavy for certain designs, and are not recommended as a food prep surface.

Ceramic tile is the second most popular decision in countertops. With hand crafted tiles, your ledge can become a masterpiece. Their easy installation makes them the most ideal decision if you will install them yourself. Their main drawback is that they can crack or the grout become stained. However there are ceramic tiles available in each value range and they do give an easy to clean and deal with surface.

Butcher square countertops are a good decision for the individuals who do a great deal of preparing and food prep in their kitchen. They are fairly high maintenance, waiting be sanded and resealed occasionally and scratches must be tended to immediately. They function admirably as a middle island or an addition into the counter.

When picking the materials you will utilize, remember the progression of your kitchen. Butcher square functions admirably near a sink where vegetables will be washed then moved over for cutting. Granite makes a good general reason ledge but except if it is sealed, keep it clear from cook surfaces where spills may happen. Because of the lopsided nature of ceramic tiles, they don't function admirably as a prep surface, but are great near sinks and burners where spills wipe straight up.

When picking the best ledge for your kitchen, remember functionality along with style and cost. Your ledge will be the most utilized part of your kitchen design for quite a long time to come and should mirror that.

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