The air we breathe has a direct influence on our health. Cumulatively, we can acquire diseases such as asthma, diabetes, stroke and other body conditions arising from the effect of breathing contaminated air at home and workplaces. Air can be contaminated by dust, aerosols, bacteria and many other contaminants. Taking in polluted air can create and trigger allergies and become detrimental to the productivity of working people. It is thus essential to ensure our indoor air quality is checked and maintained. 

Achieving the said Indoor air quality (IAQ) at home and workplace can be achieved through several methods.

You can use the natural remedy by opening the windows and doors for outside air to come in. The challenge with natural remedies to indoor air quality is that the outside air can be contaminated already before coming into a building as fresh air.

You can use a mechanical conditioner to achieve better results. A mechanical air conditioner will always improve the quality of air in different temperatures and conditions. Remember that an air conditioner can be used to achieve the desired room temperature either by cooling or heating. It can also customise other room conditions like humidity. 

Air conditioner improves air quality in the following ways:

It regulates the humidity in the room.

Humidity levels influence the state of the body and alertness. High levels of humidity can make a room very hot than usual. It can also induce sleep and fatigue. An air con improves the quality of the air by controlling the humidity of the room through humidifying or dehumidifying an environment. 

An air conditioner provides enough ventilation. 

Ventilation improves the quality of air by ensuring that fresh air from outside the building gets into the room, and the used air in the room is expelled. Through this, the air inside the room is made fresh through ventilation. A sound HVAC system properly ventilates a room and improve the mood therein. 

Cleans the air to remove contaminants.

As earlier said, natural air is never void of contaminants. Air contaminants could be mould, dust, smoke, aerosols, among others. Breathing in such contaminated air can lead to diseases and ill health. Air conditioners clean the air using the filters that come with the gadgets to ensure that it is safe from such contaminants.  

It regulates air temperature.

Regulation of room temperature improves the environment and impact on the productivity of the people therein. It is hard to work at high temperatures. An air conditioner serves the regulation. In winters and cold seasons, air conditioners can also raise the room temperatures. It can help workers be relieved of the need for heavy clothing and become swifter and lighter for work indoors. 


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