Name: Prof. Aean Muster. (Xe/xer.)

Attractive Qualities: bookish, friendly and striking

Rank and Job Title: Xe is the tenured Deputy of Historical Artifice at the university at Souther House, one of many envoys the Order has sent over to make higher education in the City more prestigious. However, xer real rank is Second Lieutenant of the Office of Collection and Application, an intelligence division tasked with breaking up witch unrest in the city.

What does xe think xe wants? To ‘retire’ quietly to a cover job of arcane archaeology.

What gets under xer skin when xe is confronted by its absence? Carefulness: every time someone does not learn the lesson of history, of Things Beyond hungry for magic and conflict.

What does xe admit to xerself in private? That xe loathes the less savory side of intelligence work.

What doesn't xe dare admit even to xerself? That if it comes down to striking down xer closer ones or letting the conflict conflagrate, xer heart doesn’t know which way xe’ll pick.

Name: ‘Jane’ by day; Mother Victoria by night (she/her)

Attractive Qualities: charming, devoted, mysterious

What She Does: If a member of the Watch asked, they would be told that she is the eldest survivor of her family, that she lives a small household in the lower portions of the Spireworks Quarter (“the Underwood”), that her brother left to work the land in Eastern Fairfield, and visits once a year, and that her job as a courier for the Bureau of Expeditious Action, ferrying sealed envelopes from noble to professor to sergeant to councilor, pays just barely enough for her to keep a roof over her head but not enough for a dowry. They do not suspect that she steals from her office and from the nobles she visits to keep her Coven Victoria alive, plotting with them to kill by night the very nobles she delivers messages to by day.

What does she think she wants? To offer the blood of the rich to the yawning Thing that touched her the first time she cast a spell, and to be erased and exalted at the same time, creating an unbreachable domain at the base of their spires.

What gets under her skin when she is confronted by its absence? The ability to be creative. She is consistently frustrated by the fact that unleashing the creative power of this new Magic would mean her being found and meeting a sudden end at the hands of nobles and bureaucrats.

What does she admit to herself in private? That she is unsettled by the ego-death that the Thing awaiting has promised her, even as she is attracted to it.

What doesn't she dare admit even to herself? That whatever comes out from her ultimate sacrifice may not be her at all, and that they may not have the protection of the coven in their heart at all once they emerge.