start anywhere i need an excuse. a particle of dust to condense onto. but that could be anything. right? voyage of discovery you can just like i did. a challenge.

i like filmmaking bc I like finding and working the images and being part of a team. i like the outward-facing in-the-world ego-blanking energy of doing it (together) but also riding it (together) like a rollercoaster. At a certain point there’s just faith and letting go and seeing how it turns out. i like writing bc it’s … because I like making the words and conjuring the world by myself. the total sense of freedom and possibility. mind set free. playing this instrument. the losing myself in thought. the being a camera, the making a movie in my head that projects itself into yours.

this is the the pleasure of finding things out. writing is a mind’s-eye, a personal teleporter pad, a portable portal. filmmaking is a heart with a pulse, a vehicle to captain-and-crew, a ride to take with others. take your pleasure seriously. i want to find out, see, know, discover, express, bring back, give back, bring along, make a way, show a way.

what do i want to discover about

what can’t I shake

because only I can bring these things to life.

where do i begin? anywhere.

how do I begin? just break the seal.

when do I begin?

create time. 5am-6am, every other day? M/W/F.


[that pic of jellyfish with the silhouette of the guy]