what good have i done today?

I wanted to address powerful good by seeking opportunities to "lift" people.

Mostly I'm just running to stand still, booking work to make up for the money I lost. I'm not actually thinking much about anyone else. Just very practical stuff. Contrive and pitch and book new jobs.

So there's some sideways do-gooding there. Each of these jobs has the intent to illuminate things that are "hard", or hazy.

But mostly they're just me trying hard to earn money. To lift "make things whole".

oy, it's ego. I want to get out from under this so I don't feel bad about myself anymore. It's not so much about doing good for anyone. It's about getting out from under.

OK. That's for real. That's not deluded. It's also important.

But maybe I can do that and make space for "powerful good."

Not sure what that looks like. I do want to help, make a difference, matter. <--there's the ego again.

Here's a question. Less froofroo than "address powerful good."

How can I help?