Issues with Insta - Video Summaries

Group A (flop accounts)

Raphael: well explained, fluent, good vocab, careful: "media" is already a plural word

Lorenz: mostly fluent, decent vocab. Try to pronounce more clearly. Your video is lacking a short introduction.

Marvin: fluent, well explained, good vocab, some grammar glitches (adverbs, uncountable nouns), careful: "th" is not pronounced "d".

Fritz: careful: photos are upside down, it is hard to understand you(pronunciation and German expressions).

Madeleine: very fluent, well explained, good idiomatic English. NICE! Are you sure, writing a full text is the most efficient way of taking notes, though?

Emy: mostly fluent, good vocab, well explained, good pronunciation, a bit long... What happened to the last photo?

Myriam: nice notes, some good idiomatic language, mostly fluent, well explained

Freya: super fluent, nice pronunciation, good language, very well explained

Group B (bullying)

Nino: mostly fluent, some grammar problems (verbs!! "he, she, it"), some good vocab

Stefan: very well explained, some good language, some pronunciation problems (bullying, impact, deactivate...)

Marcel: Try to enounce with more confidence. It would make your video easier to understand! You explained the matter correctly, however there are some grammr issues...

Adonis: Some serious pronunciation issues (bullied), photos are upside down, correctly explained, mostly fluent :-)

Kati: fantastic pronunciation, well explained, some nice idiomatic language. Two tipps: Try to include more sophistcted vocab and try to ramp up your enthusiasm a little.

Lorena: Your link is broken.

Jule: Next time, try a quieter spot for recording and please have your photos the right way up. Explanation and language are quite nice, though.