Where the Story Ends

Gene and Patrick (Episode 02)

by monochrome

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Gene and Patrick are finishing their food truck food at the park.

Gene: Okay, sent!

Patrick's text alert sounds off. His text alert has been the same text alert that he's been using for over two years now. It's a short 2.6 second long snippet of 'Skin and Bones' by The Sundays... the part where the lead singer sings 'You know I've been wondering...'

Patrick: Got it! I'll check it later.

Gene: Make sure you do. It's a great website. If you go through the comment section, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Patrick: I will I will. But like I said, I'll check it out later. Let's start heading back to the apartment, it's supposed to rain in a little bit.

Gene and Patrick threw away their trash into the park's trashcan. As Gene threw his trash in, he imagined that he was Harriet, the lead singer of the Sundays. He imagined that she always makes a point not to litter and that she throws away her food truck food trash with style in class. It's important to understand that Gene isn't transgendered, he just thinks about Harriet so much that sometimes he pictures himself as her. That's all. Anyway, Gene and Patrick make their way back to the apartment before it started raining. They each took turns doing laundry and a couple hours have passed by.

Patrick: I just got done checking out that fan site and the comment section.

Gene: See! I told you!

Patrick: You didn't read all of the comments, did you Gene?

Gene: Of course I did! What makes you think that I didn't?!

Patrick: It's pretty apparent that whoever started the rumor that Harriet now lives the life of a baker in a meat pastry shop was trolling.

Gene: But somebody went to the bakery that was mentioned and saw her working there.

Patrick: I saw that comment Gene, but if you continue reading you'll see..

Gene interrupts Patrick

Gene: Oh would you just stop! Fine, I'll go alone!

Patrick: Go where? Wait, you're not actually planning on going to the UK to find that bakery so you can talk with Harriet, are you?! Gene, that's crazy. You know that's crazy, right?

Gene: What's crazy is we've been waiting so long for new Sundays music and I want to know why haven't they released anything in decades. I'm going Patrick. I'm going to find Harriet, or anyone in the band really, and ask them what's going on!

Patrick: You've lost your mind, Gene!

Gene: Maybe.