Black Mirror: You're in violation of the terms of FB

I reactivated this new Facebook profile to manage my professional page, writer -Page ID 302336966558964 that I reactivated in February 2016.

I deactivated and deleted the old Facebook profile (556202964567194) that I used to create my professional page.

When I reactivated the professional page - the old deactivated/deleted profile I joined with in 2008 returned as a shell/ghost profile.

I was unable to access the old profile but I could authorize it to receive posts and "shares" from other social networks and digital platform publishers.

, it functioned like a profile but it didn't "exist" and wasn't active.

Maybe this glitch allows facebook to account for 2 billion active users even if those profiles are deactivated/deleted.

Except Google just settled a $22.5 million class action suit for a similar "glitch"

to advertisers who paid for AdWords but ads went to dead sites.

I have no proof if facebook is guilty of inflating its numbers of members and selling ad space based on "dead" accounts but here’s the story of two such accounts.

But first some background.

Facebook allows a page administrator to remove/delete a professional page. There's even an electronic pop-up prompt that indicates you have 14 days to change your mind. Facebook profile deletions have a 30-day grace period.

If you decide against removing your professional page all you have to do is sign in before the time lapses. Same with facebook profile. If you sign in before that time, all bets are off. You must start the process again.

Here's where it gets tricky. I removed/deleted the professional page in February 2013. I deactivated and deleted the (2008) facebook profile that I used to create that page in September 2014.

I thought that was it. No more facebook page or profile - the end.

In August 2016, with my personal digital platform beginning to grow, I signed into facebook to create a new professional page -to syndicate my "column" and promote it.

The facebook page sent me a "welcome back" email. I was extremely confused but I was happy to have it. I authorized my WordPress blog to feed into the page. I'd sign in occasionally to answer messages and post directly to the page.

Facebook prompt promotes an Instagram account and how it would ideal to tie it to my facebook page.

(For the record, don't do this - it's an upsell attempt to get you to purchase a business Instagram account.)

I opt for the regular account because I'd like a free platform to post old photographs. I used a smug mug account but I decided it was worth the $175 a year subscription. But I digress.

One day I signed in and got a prompt that indicated that I would have to create a profile to administer the page.

It seemed FB caught on that the ghost/shell profile wasn't active. So, I created a new profile (this one) and when I did, it too sent an email saying, "welcome back" - this new (old) profile was created in 2010.

I don't remember creating a profile with this email address in 2010 but there it was and it had a different birth date attached to it.

I never post my birthday on the internet - so apparently when I created this profile new/old profile, I did. So now, I'm using this profile to administer my new/old professional page. I make an ad buy to boost my business's publishing photo album.

The ad is accepted then I get a message that it's paused.

There's an error notice on my ad management account that says 'it' wants proof that I am me because there's some unusual activity with my ad account. Waa?

I filled out the digital questionnaire with answers to who I am, why I'm using the payment account I'm using to pay to advertise and in what country. Then they ask for me to upload a photo of my government ID.


I don't know you like that. I only show my government ID or labor agreements to a person. I upload nothing.

There are other options such as copy of a credit card with your name; magazine subscription blah blah...So I uploaded that information.

It's rejected and now I can't purchase ads.

All the digital customer service reps will tell me is that my ad account is disabled because it violates the terms of facebook.

The digital Customer Service Representative won't tell me what terms my ad account violates but they do say "we hope you understand".

No, I don't understand.

But I do not work overtime for what isn't meant to be. If facebook doesn't want my money...then I won't force facebook to take it.

Aside: This is why I won’t put too much effort into digital platforms that do not belong to me.

Here's what's scary: Facebook won't allow me to make a purchase. Does that sound familiar?

I've since cancelled the PayPal authorization to allow facebook to make charges to my account.

I've removed all the content on the facebook professional page. I've changed the name and the user name. As administrator, I was able to remove the page via the facebook profile I now use. I deactivated the page and deleted the ghost/shell profile that I used to create it.

I'm not sure if this current profile doesn't violate the terms of facebook.

It just might.

So, if you find that one day, I'm no longer on facebook - it's not that I deactivated and deleted the new facebook profile; it's just that I am in violation of facebook terms and I no longer exist.