I think bits of the Youtube videos from the Haunted Mansion Anniversary party at Disneyland had some great stuff. Very surprised to spotted a Disney character in a white dress being escorted by two disney castmembers and her face and hair making me think she was a lookalike of someone from 60s TV. Dawn W. wasn't anyone I knew but she greatly impressed someone I used to know; George B. and his sending Dawn an email back in the late 90s.

Here she is at 19:40


YouTube TheDailyWoo Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Overnight Celebration at Disneyland - NEW On Ride Additions & MORE Aug 8, 2019


EarsomEmporium with Genevieve Streamed live on Sep 2, 2019 Live:Magical Monday’s at The Magic Kingdom. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party#6. Spooky Hurricane Dorian Edition.

“Buckshot Bunny” in Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade at 1:46.

I remember Mary “Bunny” G.; she had embroidered “Bunny” clothes and their dog Lucky. I was maybe 4 when John & Mary G. with adopted son Billy moved across the street. We adopted that houses previous owners cat “Snowball”, renamed it to “Tiki”.