Islam can be a divine belief.

The religion of peace is sacrificed for Islam, which believes in the religion of 1 God God. those who believe that Islamic territory is known as Muslims. God sent his messengers to show the message of God in the United States. The control of good and evil, good and bad. This search for the unity of the learning zone through a religious text.

The religious text of the sacred book. The last book and confirmed. This book was formed by God to guide all the world's Muslims of all ages to the top of the world. In the religious text, there is a word of God that he speaks himself. Give rules, order, tell him to serve humanity, how to live his life in a monotheistic way and many other things. The word Islam suggests peace itself, therefore, it will teach the war of the United States or other unhealthy things.


Islam is in its 5 pillars. There is unity 5 pillars of Islam. These 5 pillars constitute the unity of the essential things that every Muslim must follow. In addition, these basic elements must be formed for them. Children because it is a fundamental Islam for young people. These pillars are the most important and important elements for which your child should be famous. There is the area unit 5 pillars of Islam These pillars of unity

● Tawheed: religion in God. Muslims assume that God is the only creator of this world. he is the only true God, and Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of God.

● salat (Namaz): There are daily prayers in unit 5. This unit of the 5-sentence area is called salat. This is often the only way Muslims speak to God. All Muslim territorial units gathered in an extraordinary mosque to bow to God. ● Zakat: This is the third and most important pillar of Islam. It is assumed that a quarter of his income is a charitable organization that can be divided into poor people. Purify your charity income or product It is administered once a year. ● Abstinence or Sawm: the ninth Muslim month is assimilated to Ramadan. This holy month can be a month of abstinence. From sunrise to sunset, Muslims do not eat and drink for the sake of God Almighty. They sacrificed their food, there is a need of God. when complete abstinence month, ul Fitr help could be a gift from God to Muslims. in which they rejoice in the blessings of God. ● pillar of Islam: Islamic month Zil pillar of Islam in which Muslims performed their pilgrimage in the mecca of heaven. It is the duty of every man and every Muslim girl to realize the pillar of Islam once in an extraordinary life.

These domains constitute the 5 most important pillars of Islam. For those who conform to Islam, the first step is to learn about these pillars. Without following these pillars, no one will be Muslim. Basic Islam for young people intended to be these 5 pillars. As a nursing assistant at an early age, the boy saw that his people followed these pillars. They learn to understand the education of Islam. Traditions that followed unity by unit from centuries to centuries.

In addition to this, there are Learn online QURAN religious text courses from the local unit that offer a basic course for youth. These courses help you decipher the religious text. This helps them to jointly announce the religious text with the good Tajweed. he The basic online course for children should be easily followed by the child. and the kids are very interested in finishing their lessons. This online course unit is divided into 9 totally different courses.

Monotheism studies the basic half

● Monotheism studies half a pair

● monotheism examines level 1 at an advanced level

● Monotheism studies a few advanced level

● monotheism examines level three at an advanced level

Monotheism examines level four advanced

Monotheism examines level five advanced

● Qurani Dua

These courses are at the origin of all the wishes of the teaching of religious texts by the students. With recitation, they offer a memorization service together. Students can remember a religious text of a basic level. These courses play a crucial role in understanding your faith, Islam. Also enroll your child in the regular course as a short course. It depends on the wishes of your child.