/r/cryptocurrency Mods List


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I am publishing this in order to shed light on those moderators that censor posts of coins they believe to be a detriment to the long term success of their holdings, primarily projects utilizing a traditional blockchain structure as opposed to projects such as IOTA, NANO, and others that have been unjustly censored from /r/cryptocurrency.

I will only be exposing those mods that I believe have played an insidious role in censoring and limiting the exposure of legitimate projects to /r/cryptocurrency and, as such, will be providing evidence for each mods role in this as well as evidence of their identification.

Note, I am ONLY exposing the mods that have a. played a role in this censorship/FUD campaign, b. whose identities were revealed/exposed through their reddit posts, comments, or through various accounts linked through reddit (i.e. I did not hack, try to acquire the mod's IP address, or use any other illegal means to identify those that I expose as all information is available publicly on their reddit accounts, github, etc.) and c. those that I am confident to have identified correctly.

  1. /u/jwinterm is John W. Murphy

Mod has posted articles that claim IOTA's coordicide will fail without any evidence or justification to support those claims.


Mod argues that peer-reviewed academic research does not provide ANY justification for the efficacy of IOTA's planned coordicide.

Sources: https://twitter.com/jwgealt?S=09 github username (linked on reddit profile) = jwinterm email for github commits = johnwmurphy@gmail.com

  1. /u/crypto_buddha

Does not seem to be a source of the censorship, having stated, "we can't just filter the word nano."

Ironically, that is exactly what the mod team has decided to do for IOTA (and I'm sure other coins) as per: https://old.reddit.com/r/Iota/comments/chph97/its_official_the_rcryptocurrency_mods_are/

However, /u/crypto_buddha has not publicly FUD'ed any projects without evidence nor have they advocated for censorship.

  1. /u/SamsungGalaxyPlayer is Justin Ehrenhofer

Another of the mods that has historically censored IOTA. Their comment history illuminates that they believe pro-IOTA comments to be shilling as well as their desire to remove articles that discuss IOTA/partnerships/real world use cases from /r/cryptocurrency.

Mod doxes himself by stating he ran the U of Minnesota cryptocurrency club as well as hosting/posting talks for the Monero Community Workgroup.

  1. /u/AdamSC1 is Adam Cochran

Has historically defended the censorship of IOTA related news from /r/cryptocurrency.

Doxxed himself in his application to become a mod:


Specifically, doxxes himself in this section of the aforementioned mod application:

"Formally worked in the crypto industry in 2014 (https://www.coindesk.com/vault-of-satoshi-gets-full-money-services-license-canada/)"

  1. /u/PrinceKael actually has done a good job of remaining level-headed in the censorship of coins such as IOTA and NANO and regularly engages in civil discussion over these and other projects.


Even congratulated the IOTA team when the coordicide plan was announced/posted to /r/cryptocurrency stating, "Such a big milestone for IOTA, glad they finally made it!"

  1. /u/CryptoMaximalist not enough evidence to support their role in censorship to justify doxxing.

  2. /u/LargeSnorlax not enough evidence to support their role in censorship to justify doxxing.

  3. /u/millerb7 identity has been narrowed down to several individuals in Ohio, specifically in the Cincinnati area.

This is where things get complicated. While /u/millberb7 has not actively been party to the censorship from what I can tell on reddit, it does appear he was shown and believes in 'evidence' that IOTA systematically brigades /r/cryptocurrency posts.


HOWEVER, while this mod requested the above user to DM him regarding the screenshots in the previously linked tweet, the tweet was made on June 19th, 2019 while all of the screenshots are from January of 2018. Over a year and a half have expired, but the mod believes that these actions still continue despite IOTA having resolved this brigading issue when it first occurred well over a year ago.

Ultimately, I believe that this censorship of projects such as IOTA, NANO, etc. is rooted in FUD from the traditional blockchain maximalist community which perceives these coins as a threat to BTC, XMR, ETH, etc. I'm not sure the mods are actively trying to destroy these projects as much as their subconscious bias seems to play a large role in the censorship that is occurring. It is not hard to see why someone who holds large quantities of Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum, might be incentivized to FUD, censor, and generally try to limit positive news, posts, etc about projects that might long term pose a threat to their holdings.