Where the Story Ends

Gene and Patrick (Episode 01)

by monochrome

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Gene and Patrick are roommates and they live in New York City. They both have have stressful high-paying jobs working at the same place. They live in a classy 2 bedroom apartment and share a bathroom. Patrick is 25 and Gene is 23. They both love the music of The Sundays.

One day when they were both off from work they decided to go to a food truck and sit in the park to eat and talk

Gene: I'm tired of waiting for the Sundays to get back together

Patrick: Don't give up hope, we could hear an important announcement soon, someday.

Gene: Yeah, I know, I'm just tired of waiting.

Patrick: I'm tired too, but we at least have 3 splendid albums and some other miscellaneous Sundays songs to enjoy.

Gene: I know, but I'm afraid I'll never get to experience them live.

Patrick I have that same fear too.

Gene: Have you ever thought about taking time off from work and going to England and trying find one of the Sundays in person to ask them when they're going to tour again?

Patrick: Haha, no, besides, that sounds... you know, off. You're kidding Gene, right?

Gene: No, I'm serious. I think we can find one of them and ask in person.

Patrick: You do realize that there are millions and millions of people England. The chances of just running into a Sunday is very VERY slim.

Gene: What if I were to tell you that I know where one of them works.

Patrick: First, I'd call you crazy. Second, let me just guess which Sunday you're just dying to hunt down. It's Harriet, isn't it?

Gene: Yeah, but hear me out. I have inside information on where she works these days.

Patrick: Oh for the love of Moses, have lost your damn mind?

Gene: No no no. This is for real, she works at a bakery making meat pastries

Patrick: Whaaa? That's bullshrimp! Who told you that?

Gene: I have my sources.

Patrick: I'm not even going to entertain the idea of you and I going to England to visit some bakery just so you can talk to Harriet until you tell me where you got this information of her having a job making meat pastries at a bakery.

Gene: I saw it in the comment section of a Sundays fan site.

Patrick: Pfffft. Yeah, no. Both you and I know that fan websites disappeared a long time ago after social media took the center stage of the web.

Gene: Well I did find one and if you don't believe me, I'll text you the link right now and you'll see for yourself.

Patrick: Alright. Fine, send it.

end of episode 1