what can i author/create in 5 weeks that can be intrinsically meaningful enough to be worth doing without expectation of outcome AND be a strong enough Batsignal to potentially attract a good job?

an unhedged bet. a cri de coeur. but doable--not so precious that it's impossible, but not so doodley that it doesn't look invested-in.

shit i've authored/created that i'm proud of even tho "no one" has seen it:

Themes: revealing the meaningfully personal / emotional. no permission asked or required. low stakes × now-or-never × why-not. nothing to prove. doing/discovering it in realtime is easier than planning/describing it in advance.

shit i've authored/created that I'm proud of and lots of people have seen it

Themes: moonshot/go-for-broke/if not me, who/if not now, when. had a clear, enthusiastic vision but not necessarily a plan. graspable vision (thumbnail, prototype, sketch) generates more real TRUST than following proper procedure (descriptions, requests). had an extrinsic "spark", but beyond that, intrinsic/blue-sky/up to me. less about "proving I can do this, to/for you" and more "I already know I can do this, but I want to/have to find out how (with your support)." had ample "spare" cycles/margin for discovery/R&D. Wasn't fitting it into boxes/spackling it into cracks. It wasn't a side project, it was the work.


meta-meta distillations?